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  1. Exactly, only I do not have the proper permissions to do so.
  2. Sounds accurate to me, but I am unable to access those files - how do I get access granted.
  3. My site is brand new and I need to understand how I can boost my ranking with using keywords - where do I put these key words? For example: http://www.whimsicalthingsboutique.com is my website I sell Barefoot Dreams, Little Giraffe, Elegant Baby, Bebe Chic How do I use all 4 of those as keywords with my site?
  4. I had someone else look at the redirect set up and I'm being told it is incorrect, that the search engines will not pick it up correctly. I need to understand what is going on here. I'm being told it shouldn't be an automatic over to catalog
  5. HOw do I add free shipping to my site until January 2005 and how do I add a note or banner to my home page that shows we are offering free shipping. Thank you
  6. How and where do I modify the affiliate page to my website? www.whimsicalthingsboutique.com Thank you very much
  7. Hi Thomas, You know, something crazy is happening - I was unable to perform the redirect myself using the instructions provided, but somehow somebody went in and did the redirect for me and its working perfectly. Now all I need is to find out how I add free shipping and modify the home page to reflect free shipping And how do I modify the affiliate page
  8. I was able to access cpanel and click on redirects and use the instructions provided - leave first box blank, etc Now I am unable to access the site www.whimsicalthingsboutique.com
  9. Where do I find these boxes at cpanel?
  10. Right in my browser, I'm thinking that is incorrect
  11. When I type in /home/whimsic/public_html/catalog I get an error, what am I missing Where do I perform the redirect so people go straight to the catalog? When I do this, will it eliminate my hit counter at the bottom of the page?
  12. And if not for a script, how are you trying to access it? cpanel > file manager or ftp? I can access cpanel > file manager but do not know what to do from there I do not know how to ftp
  13. Do you mean what directory does www.****** go to? or do you mean what directory do you need to refer to in PHP or some other script language? I believe both at this point. I am trying to do the following: add free shipping until January 2005 - which would include a banner on front page that shows free shipping change my home page from catalog to home page www.whimsicalthingsboutique.com want to get rid of that logo page and bring the customer right to the site modify my affiliates page Now I've been on these sites all day and I've been told I need to find the directory
  14. I am unable to access the root directory. This is the information I was given : No, the directory I gave is the document root as an absolute directory and would be used in a script configuration, etc. For example, if a file is in the public_html directory you would use /home/whimsic/public_html for the script to know where to look. You would not include the domain at the beginning. Please be advised that the help desk does not provide developer level support for the building of html code or web pages including third party scripts. Please refer to our user forums to have these kind o
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