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  1. hopefully last question- will my site stats carry over as well?
  2. I was reading over the "terms of service" and had a concern about intellectual property rights. I'm not sure I understand why its necessary to grant to TotalChoice Hosting a license to my content. Maybe I'm reading it wrong- could someone explain it further? Thanks much.
  3. thanks. i have just one more question- how long will this promotion last? i paid for a year of hosting at bloghosts in september, and doubt i'm getting my money back. i'd like to keep my site there until they shut down next month, but i don't want to miss this deal.
  4. This offer sounds great. I am planning on transferring from Bloghosts, but i remember reading that TCH doesn't allow Movabletype. I read some posts recently that seem to indicate it is allowed now, but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks.
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