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  1. Hello... I have lately changed the theme of my blog (www.geektogo.net), but I am unable to change the main css file. I get an error message from wordpress that I need to change my permissions, but I've already done so, and after viewing the directory in cpanel (and in an FTP program) I can see that the entire pulic_html folder is set to 777. What is the problem?
  2. Hello all, I hope this is the right forum to ask about general blogging/website issues. Since there are so many sub-forums here I wasn't sure where to go. I have many questions, some technical and some more general, and I would like as many opinions as I could get I bought my plan with TCH about half a year ago, and had a blank blog since. I kept my plan active, thanks to the super-affordable prices, knowing that that one day I will have to go back to blogging and own a website. The day is here. My new blog, without getting into too many details, is going to be technology and communication oriented. This is also becoming my career, so I also need some sort of an "about" section which will present links to my resume, portfolio, and similar things. Does anyone here have something similar? Any suggestions? My blogging tool of choice is Wordpress, especially with all the plugins and the skinning options, which I wasn't aware of before. I will probably end up downloading a skin I like and customize it a bit (I assume it's possible... anyone?). Are these plugins/skins free? Where do you get them from? Eventually, I would like to change my domain, which is currently www.shatwo.com to something else. I am not sure how to do that without spending more money, I just know there's a reselling option, but I'm not sure what's the idea behind it. Can anyone explain it in a couple of words? I believe the best solution for now would be to reset and "flush out" my old blog. It is quick and easy, and I have no information worth saving on it anyway. I understand I need to submit a ticket for it. Now, this is an important question: After the reset, what information do I need to have nearby? What tools should I have access to? What do you guys find yourself using time and time again? From memory, I remember I used FTP and Cpanel with my site, but the new Wordpress version offers image and video upload and other features which can probably help (especially with some plugins, I assume). What would you guys recommend? So, that's about it, lots of questions, I hope some of you would reply with some good ideas. Thank you all! :)
  3. I did both and both seem to work! Thanks a million guys
  4. Hi. Seems like I messed things up a bit. My Wordpress blog used to be on my root folder, www.shatwo.com. I have created a new subdomain, www.shatwo.com/thissideup, and I would like my blog to reside there. I moved all the Wordpress files to the new subdomain, but I can't log into wordpress itself and change the settings inside. Right now if you go to the mentioned link you will see the blog, but just in its basic xhtml code. Seems like Wordpress is unable to find style.css or my images, and I'm not sure how to tell it where to look and where to change the URLs. When I try to log in via wp-login, I get the text fields, but not matter what I put it when I click enter, I get a 404 file not found error. Another related issue, I would like my rootfolder blocked; right now you can see the main tree and all the sub directories. I might have a different index.htm there soon enough (I want to set up a gallery, bio, about, things like that), but in the meantime, I would like an "autoforward" to my blog. What to do? Please help
  5. It works now. I guess it had to do with the domain forwarding and me waiting for it. Now I just have to work on the design... eeeeek.
  6. First of all, the technical problems, which are harder to fix. 1.) I am using <code>background-image url('url'); in my</code> in my stylesheet. I used it before, and had no problem getting images on the site, bust since I forwarded my doamin name (which still doesn't show up right, see number 2), this line doesn't seem to work. I tried to change the url to a local root (../home/images(file) , home/images/(file), /images/(file), even /images/(file)/), but no go. I tried to give it the exact url too (http://www.cheezcake.net/images/(file) AND server87.totalchoicehosting.com/(username)/images/(file)), but the image would not show up. I even validated BOTH my HTML and CSS, and they are 100% validated, no syntax errors or anything... but the image would not show up. Grrr. The only thing I can think of that I changed since I last got an image there, is my domain... which bring me to number 2. 2.) My domain, www.cheezcake.net, it registered with 000domains. I used TCH's settings (the two URL's sent to me by mail) and put them in the right places.. however, when I type in "www.cheezcake.net", I still see "" on top. When I tried to forward my domain to and choose stealth, these two lines of DNS from TCH were disabled. I guess it's some sort of a conflict, so I shut down the forwarding and put these lines back. Are these two related somehow? can my domain change effect my CSS, maybe in the way TXP (which is what I use) puts it up there? Other features in the stylesheet work FINE, such as fonts, colors, borders, and so on. I think somehow the path and the URL coming out of TXP are messed up... 3.) How do I gain access to the members only forum? It says I need a password. How do I get it? Thank you for taking my whining --B
  7. ::brushing off broken pieces of cheetos out of his hair and shirt:: Auhm. Thank you Lisa. What I'm doing so far is FTPing my images - the old fasion way. It works fine but TXP seem to have a great way to categorize images, I wish I could use that. I think there's also a way to tell TXP not to rename the images (thus making them into anoying numbers) but first I would like that thing to work ... Guess I could wait until I forward my domain (when my site will be done and there's still a lot of work) and then I wouldn't have the ~/cheezca in my admin section. In the meantime - Thank god for SmartFTP... and Lisa, of course
  8. I have already posted this thread over the TXP forums. The problem I am having is that textpattern adds "~cheezca" (my username) to the image path directory automatically, which doesn't work with it. (the path in config.php is /home/cheezca/public_html', which works well, but TXP changes it to /home/cheezca/public_html'/~cheezca/, and this doesn't work of course) Any suggestions as to how I tell TXP to cool down a bit and not add the ~cheezca? If I have a domain, will it help (that is www.myname.com) as far as the path go, or do I need to give the "original" URLs anyways? help anyone?
  9. I am using Textpattern in my still experimental webiste. I would like to have a "journal" section (or a subdirectory), which will be password protected. Further more, I would like some posts in this already protected section (or subdir) to be protected as well, so only some people could see only some posts. I realize Textpattern has a tag, password_protect, which is pretty new, that allows to protect sections and posts. The usage and streangth of this protection, however, is doubtful, and some textpattern users reported "leaks." I am writing all of this so you guys can get the background of what I am trying to get and understand. Feel free to check my thread on the textpattern forum. Here is the Cpanel part. I understand that Cpanel's password directory protect is much more powerful than textpattern's tag, and much more liable. I would like to use it, but the problem is that text pattern does not actually create subdirs for my sections - and from what I understand from Lisa (who has been very very very helpful and kind, and she has a beautiful cat too!), they are created on the run, dynamically, thus I can't use Cpanel to protect my journal section. At this point, I am not looking for a specific solution. I'm trying to get ideas from people and see which one would fit my needs. Lisa also offered to use Livejournal as an alternative, which I tried, but doesn't do what I want. The whole point of the journal is to be able to design it and play with it, and I would like to do so with textpattern which is what I am using and understand more everyday. I would also like to keep it free, and livejournal only offers CSS options if you pay. So, ideas anyone? suggestions? I know this thread is going to be moved... I have no idea where it suppose to fit ... sorry!
  10. It works!! It was a URL problem, here are the working settings: The Domain provided: The way it's in Textpattern: Web Domain: Subdirectory: /~cheezca URL mode: /clean/ (didn't touch this one) Thanks Dick, you just made my day :-)
  11. Alright then, how about just directing you to the textpattern forum, where I brought up my problem. I don't know if the errors are connected or not; you can replay there or over here, which ever - but that way you can see what I was doing and who replied to the problem. If you wish, we can of course talk about it
  12. Hello, I chose to use Textpattern with my website after I've recivied several warm suggestions. Besides, it looks really cool! Anyways, I have some issues with setting it up, and I will probably have some more question in the future. I am active on the textpattern support forum, but I was wondering if any of you guys have a working site with textpattern and know how it works? (and how to make it work?) I would get more specific with my problem if someone is willing to help. It would be even better to get a screename so we can talk real-time, and keep it touch for the future Thanks in advance! Rock Sign
  13. Hello guys, I decided to go on on this thread, it seems related. I have a domain which I bought before I joined TCH. When I log on to Cpanel, it doesn't show me any server number - I also tried to put the IP number I got by e-mail in that form that suppose to tell me what server I am on - and it said it doesn't recognize it. So how do I know what site I am on? my IP adress (the one I got by mail) is cheezcake.net however (which is my domain) is still conntected to the old host - which is fine, I want it to stay there for now. So, what do I do to find out the number?
  14. Alright, I just registered for the starter plan. I am going to be using textpattern when I have the account. See you guys soon
  15. Well, look here, the person who's advice got me here... How the hack are you I didn't feel comfortable IMing you with my stuff yet again, but now that you're here... I just heard about textpattern Today. Does it build archives like wordpress and MT? I know you use EE, they have a free trial... but how user-friendly and easy do you think EE is? I was trying to play around with the WP CSS, but things harldy work the way I want them to, with all these <divs> floating all over the place.. I need something simple. Maybe I will download textpattern and see what it does. talk to you soon, nice to see you're on the team! way to go :-) Thumbs Up
  16. I sat down and surfed the net, and from the general feedback I get by talking to others and looking at other blogs, it seems that: People who like order and play around with CSS more stick to MT People who mess with the code more and like more features, play with Wordpress. I used to have my site on MT, and I moved to wordpress when I left my last host, beacuse Wordpress seemed better and with all the money hype around MT, plus the simple installation for my college server (which works well with mySQL and php, they prefer it..), I decided to go with Wordpress... Now, that I am trying to play with the index file and the code I get a headache. I use to play around with MT and I don't remember it was that hard to change my stylesheets; I also don't really like the messy interface of wordpress, it looks out of order compare to the clean interface of MT. I realize that MT 3.1 comes now with the option for dynamic webpages, which means you don't have to wait for your templets to load. It also says it works with PHP, does it means they stopped working with pearl? Can I get some views and oppinions about both programs? Think of the non-coder / more design side, which is what I am. Even if WP has more features, are they easier to use? Which one is more orginized? Do you know what's the majority of bloggers on TCH use? I would like to set up an account on TCH with MT, if it's indeed better. I think the simplest plan is enough to get MT to work, right? for $4?
  17. Thanks for the help. Let me maybe try to be more specific: I want to apply my webpage design to my blog webpage. I used complexed tables in dreamweaver to create the effect I want, and when I look at my code and trying to figure out php code lines to work withing the html I copy in there, it doesn't really work... I spend hours on twiking and chaning colors of fonts and placment when I did it in a matter of secconds with Dreamweaver, beacuse I could *see* what I was doing. I am looking for a way for dreamweaver to "recognize" the code and present it as it looks on the site; that is, instead of that golden icon with "php" on it, I want to see the date, or at least a label that says date, or whatever that php piece does. I know Wordpress has pages that explain what each line does, but the problem is the divs, the tables, the many different classes they use in the stylesheet... for example, if I change the background color in the css for my menu, it will still stay the same beacuse there's a div or something else affecting it, and it does not show in the page that exaplians about the code. So, at the moment I have three questions: 1.) Is there a way to make Dreamweaver "understand" php and wordpress? (I read about HTMLArea, but I would really like to stick to Dreamweaver, I am trying to stay with things I understand) 2.) Which one, in your opinion, is more orginized and fiendly for poeple who need to mess with the css and index file (add tables for example), MT or WP? 3.) Does TCH offer any basic form of design to get me started? using my css and the other page as a guide? if so, for what price? if not, is there a company TCH can recommand? more of a "sandbox" area where I can experience an easier learning curve? Thanks!
  18. I am going to post here what I asked technical support. I am not sure exactly who I should talk to and what about, as you see I am not even sure what I am asking. I am basically looking for guidence, a sense of direction: The problems starts when I want to use Dreamweaver with my blog. I don't have the time or the will to work down the little bits of PHP code of Wordpress, the software I use, to make Wordpress work inside dreamweaver. I want to have some sort of a tamplet, which I can desing myself, to be "built in" wordpress. I know a bit CSS, and Dreamweaver makes life much easier, but all that PHP code... So, my question is, can you help me out and somehow make Wordpress (or another software you recommend, I used MovableType a lot and liked it, but I understand that MySQL is safer to use,) work with Dreamweaver so all I have to do is to submit information and play a little with the design if I feel like it? I don't need you guys to design me a whole webpage, I will enjoy doing it myself - it's just that I have a problem with fitting Wordpress into it. So, any ideas? Suggestions? I already tried some toturials and asked on #IRC, but I really don't want to get to the part where I open the code ans start copying and pasting it all over the place, that's what I did today for 5 hours and I didn't get real far... I am currently hosting my site at my college, and it can be found at www.cheezcake.net . the main page is fine pretty much they way it is, but when you click on the blog link you will see what I mean. If anyone would like to have a look, I will appriciate it. Looking forward for a reply! --Shay
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