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  1. Ah, I understand now--I just won't get the bounce notifications. I thought there might be a way to keep the spammers from using my domain name in their emails. The use of my domain is still going on, I just won't be bothered by it!! Lordy, ANOTHER reason to hate spammers!
  2. So, if I change this in my default email, what exactly happens? I still would like to get my normal mail, but not this returned spam stuff. I'm also getting a lot of this return mail spam the last few days, to all sorts of different addresses at my domain. If I make these changes, will it affect my "real" non-spam mail? Thanks
  3. Believe it or not, Jace finally came through and transferred my name to me. I've already set up the new site/domain though. Is it possible to put a re-direct page on the old sitename? I'm not sure what is meant by "parking" the domain. Could somebody explain what my options are here? and how I go about doing all this? I've already pointed the old site domain to the TCH servers. Madm
  4. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, DON!! I've been scratching my head over this for two days, and it was SOOOOO simple!!! Off to do some more editing! mad
  5. Ok, I have Wordpress up and running, got my old Movabletype stuff imported, too. I'm having trouble getting pictures to display on the blog, though. I have the files in the correct folders, and if I right-click the photo, it seems to point at the correct file. But, photos still do not display, and I get a 404 error. I've checked the folders via ftp, and yes, the photos ARE there. Any ideas? Oh yeah, here's the site: www.madmblues.com Rock Sign
  6. Never mind! I did what I SHOULD have done in the first place, and submitted a help ticket!! I had already had everything transferred over, but since Bloghosts wouldn't release the domain (is that the correct phrase?) or contact me in any way....well, nothing was working. It's being taken care of now--you guys are great! Mad
  7. Well, it looks like I'm going to get absolutely no domain transfer out of Bloghosts--can't even access CPanel, etc. any more as of today. Thanksfully, I got a full backup already. Anyway, since it doesn't look like they plan to transfer my domain name, and it's locked up for a couple more months, is there any way to change the account name here at TCH? I registered a very similar name at GoDaddy, just in case, and it's mine all mine, not BlogHosts' . Did this make any sense? Remember, you're dealing with an extremem newb here! And thanks so much for the help I've already gotten here at TCH. Mad
  8. I have the same problem as Soleil.....I have requested my domain name be transferred, according to the info on the WebpageBloghost page, and I've gotten no answer. Guess it's time to change my name? mad
  9. And thank you to TCH from another Bloghosts refugee!! Rock Sign Mad
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