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  1. Charle97 asked for the url to my website. It's http://www.fieldsofblue.com. My store's name is Bluebonnet Acres. I sell handmade, luxury-quality bath and body products with no carcinogenic or harmful ingredients. I don't understand most of what is being put out there for me, but I guess that as I wade through some of this and other stuff I'm reading about, I'll eventually firgure it out! The waste is a terrible thing to mind....or is it the other way around??
  2. So I don't misunderstand you, are you saying that I can go ahead and register manually? How do I get other sites to link to me? Told you I am a dingbat!
  3. I was reading through some of the tutorials about submitting my web site to the various search engines, and like the dingbat I am, I used the cPanel to do this. Of course after I did this, I read further to find that that was not advisable. Any way to fix the mess I got myself into or won't this have an adverse effect? Can I still submit manually to each site?
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