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    Weather - storms, hurricanes, Tornados any extreme weather and of course weather radar. <br>

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  1. Not sure how well that will work. You do have php-fusion on the Cpanel. Will that be compatible with the server upgrades later this year?
  2. Does anyone know of a php site templet that is similar to my page The main page needs the left and Right Side bars plus the header / footer for the index.php the rest of the pages can be just the left side bar and the header and footer. I can't find templates for Joomla or WP that keeps that form. I feel time maybe running out and I have no real solution other than to move sites to another hosting company if my page is not updated. I am still not sure if any server update this year will cause a problem, but the main post on your site suggests clients may be affected.
  3. I tried setting up nuke fusion, on a subdomain so I could play with it and maybe find a similar template, but I cannot access the admin page, from what I see on the web that problem is like 5 years old, so I don't have much hope for that CMS being up to date. Is it what exactly is updating? I need to know is something to do with database? or the actual php language? I don't know what I am looking for, and to pay someone crazy amounts of money is nuts. The page is only getting like couple bucks a day with that ad stuff on it.
  4. I looked at the Joomla and WP I don't see how to make the same type of layout. The index page has the like menu/bar on the right side with information, the rest of the pages are like a normal or basic php. I don't know how to make the index page. I think that is my biggest problem, is just figuring out the code for that main page to keep the same idea. The weather warnings part, needs its own side, it grows as more warnings are placed.
  5. Greetings, I have the site www.Livewxradar.com I am kinda the last man standing (the weather guy) The Site was created many years ago, using php-nuke and before that I don't even remember what was used. The guy that site it up is no longer around. I have limited knowledge of scripts, just enough to figure out how to change headers, do things in phpAdmin to make page changes. I cannot find any update/upgrades on php-nuke.org. I wrote them they say there will be an update soon, but most have gotten that same response for years. My concern is, a server update/grade knocked out my site, and it was quickly restored (go team TCH!) but I see a post about more upgrades coming and I am not sure if my site will be able to survive another update/grade. Is this something I need to worry about? if, so, what on Earth (or any other planet) do I do next??
  6. Testing,, check check.. is this thing on? Hola
  7. Greetings, Years ago I had a friend setup a simple and easy to use website, www.livewxradar.com using php nuke cms. I have limited programming skills, but have been able to pick at the code to add stuff to the page, not normally done through the admin page. It's worked for years, however, php 5.4 has been released, and the website stopped working. Fortunately for me, totalchoice was able to get my site back up in "legacy" mode. I checked on the web and got all the updates for phpnuke, however, it appears those updates stopped sometime in 2007. Which leaves me with the same problem. I cannot update to a current version, and be ready for next server side update of php. Anyone know what is up with phpnuke? the programmer told me he sold the project years ago and the current website doesn't have any news. ideas?
  8. Email is all connected to the IP address, if you can't see the page, you won't see mail either... Rob
  9. So far everything is working on my page now and I have mail. Your page is up I just went to it http://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/ you ISP main not have picked up on the IP change at TCH. I think that could take up to 24 hours... someone correct me if I am wrong...
  10. Greetings, Thanks for getting felucia back up... but just to echo itsjustme's comment, this server does seem to down a lot of late. anyways all is working but one odd thing on my site. Lower left column tells how many people are visiting, that was working fine until felucia died today. I cleared cache, trade different machine, different browser and even in-private mode. no luck. Is there anything different besides the IP addy? Site is http://www.livewxradar.com
  11. Hey Tommy, Thanks for the offer to help! Its great to know someone is willing to help. I had a friend of mine look at it today, he had to add a field to the db file and its working again. I guess the update I ran was not completed. All is well now. Thanks Rob D.
  12. Greetings... I have been having problems with my site recently.. had phpnuke 7.3, it got hacked so I upgrade each upgrade to 7.9. in the process I deleted my /modules/forums/config.php since then I havent been able to get my forums or webmail to work.. Errors when accesing from web: http://www.livewxradar.com/modules.php?name=Forums From my admin screen: phpBB : Critical Error Error creating new session DEBUG MODE SQL Error : 1054 Unknown column 'session_admin' in 'field list' INSERT INTO nuke_bbsessions (session_id, session_user_id, session_start, session_time, session_ip, session_page, session_logged_in, session_admin) VALUES ('bc2673e7c76e668c9d2700eec47ceea5', '1', '1162069849', '1162069849', '443c00d4', '0', '0', '0') Line : 203 File : sessions.php I dont know much about SQL or Phpnuke for that matter.. from what I gather though reading the net. I have this for my forums config: ?php // phpBB 2.x auto-generated config file // Do not change anything in this file! $dbhost = "localhost"; $dbuname = "user name"; $dbpass = "the password"; $dbname = "db name"; $prefix = "nuke"; $user_prefix = "nuke"; $dbtype = "MySQL"; define('PHPBB_INSTALLED', true); ?> I have uname,dbpass and dbname filled out with what it supposed to be.. what else did I leave out?? Thanks! Rob
  13. Rick, The ISP I am using is Comcast servers not T-mobile, so I assuming (key word) that T-mobile is not blocking port 25. What I have right now is a creative work around.. Sending on comcast, recieving on TCH. Problem is its not easy to reply, have to open another mailbox to answer. Who it may just start working...computers have a way of doing that. Rob
  14. Bruce, I forgot all about my ISP's mail, never used it in 3 years. I just did as you mentioned let my return address be my TCH account. I can send mail now. So it looks like the problem is going to be with TCH server. I will send this new info on another help desk ticket. see what they come up with. Rob
  15. Bruce, No they are not blocking 25, that was the first thing I thought when I tried to send mail. They told me everything was ok. Strangest thing I ever seen. I am just using the built e-mail that was in the phone. I cannot change port setting. Rob
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