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  1. ::bump:: (just in case no one saw my edit)
  2. Right Again To schedule the cron job do i just enter the url to the php file that needs to run?
  3. You're a genius as always. Can you take a look at my test post (the latest post) at www.mybuddyandme.com/home/ though and see if you can figure out what's happening w/ the weird formatting?
  4. Hmm, I'm not sure how I would "activate" it. All I see on the page is textboxes for entering mail server (mail.mybuddyandme.com) port number (110 - this was already set) login name (myaddress@mybuddyandme.com) and password. I don't see any options for activating/deactivating. Is it somewere in the PHP script itself or have I gotten one of these settings wrong?
  5. Could it be anything else? I'm trying to set up the mail-to-blog feature of WordPress and while the address I'm emailing to is receiving the email, the blog is not picking it up.
  6. What would the mail server for a given site be (I have a reseller plan and the site I need the mail server address for is mybuddyandme.com).
  7. Thanks all... working for me now too. You guys are the best
  8. I just registered and set up sidefight.com. Going to http://sidefight.com directs to my site, but http://www.sidefight.com does not.
  9. Well I'd sort of given up on this but then I remembered your comment about using the two text files. Could you explain that in a little more detail? Perhaps give me an example?
  10. Not sure if this is the right area for this, but I have a question about using PHP requires. I currently am building my site and using the require command to include a table of contents on my pages. However, I have to change the paths every time I change from testing locally (using Apache server, PHP 5) to uploading to my live site. Is there anything I can do to make both use the same paths?
  11. You guys are what customer service used to be like.
  12. I've added a blog to one of the sites I'm hosting w/ a reseller package. The blog uses PHP's GD library for managing pictures in a gallery. Is this something that is supported in PHP on your servers? I'm not sure how to check.
  13. Okay, so I notice that 404.shtml file in my public_html folder. Is this something I create first, and then place in there? Or is there an existing file that I'm supposed to edit? Thank you for the fast responses! Rock Sign
  14. Just came across this post while I was searching this topic. I was wondering, is this only for dedicated servers or can I do this w/ my re-seller account?
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