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  1. I only just saw this today! I just have five of her movies at the moment. Actually no that's six and her final unfinished film. I have lots of Fred Astaire movies too, with a whole lot arriving in the next couple of weeks
  2. Here's my desk! A bit messy as it's 6.30 in the morning and I have to go to work soon.
  3. yes - i just posted to both as i have a reseller acct with tch and was waiting for a response. i didn't realise until after i posted you were on both boards
  4. Does anyone here use Expression Engine? I got the email from you guys about keeping scripts up to date so I decided to upgrade. I've now done something majorly wrong and now it's telling me I need to reinstall. Could someone help me go over my installation if they know what to do and help me fix it??? My contact details are in my personal details. The weblog that uses it is like my pet project and I'd be devastated if I lost all my entries. Kathryn :( :( :( :( please????
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