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  1. You will always get a fast reply here... anytime of the day or night. That is why, after months of kicking around here, I chose to host my new site with totalchoice. I believe that if you do so you will be making a wise decision.
  2. Thanks you for the welcome. After spending over an hour searching for a decent host it occured to me that I should try totalchoicehosting because of the astonishing customer servicer that you offer. I love these forums and I always receive a reply with haste. Thanks again.
  3. Okay so you all know that I have been kicking around here for a while feeding off of any information that I can get. Well, I have finally set up a hosting account but I have a question (so this isn't a pre-purchase post but it works for me) I don't see a login option for those who have purchased a hosting package. Is this because I will be sent a different link?
  4. Thanks for the PM Don and thanks for testing out the form. It works wonders. I have been trying to figure forms out for a year now. Whew.
  5. I can't seem to change the color of the gradient in Illustrator. It is gray/black. Could someone please help me? (no I don't have the document on grayscale.) Thanks.
  6. Here's what we've got: www.persona-designs.com/forms.html
  7. Oh My! It worked! First of all, Don, you were (of course) right. I didn't have the files in the same place. I read that they shouldn't be together so ... I didn't put them together. I did test the page and php file in the same place but I kept getting this error page. When I slowed down and read it properly I realized my problem. There was an error on line 2 of the php file. Basically I had the <? and the email info on separate lines when they shouldn't have been. I thank everyone for you GREAT support. This is why I love coming to these forums. I know that when I have a question there will be someone to answer. (and always within minutes.) What do you guys do? work 24/7?) Lisa was working with me right away. (Thank you!) Everyone helped out little by little. Forgive me for being for illiterate with php. This little problem has pushed me to teach myself the inner workings for php. (I hate not knowing things) Thank you Lisa, Thomas, Don and PurpleSpider (adorable name btw) Thank you very much guys!!
  8. I found a .htaccess in the public_html folder. It says that file type is empty. I was thinking of copying the code and saving it as .htaccess within note pad and saving over the file but I don't want to lose something that may be important.
  9. also... there is a buttong on the cpanel that gives me the option to install perl modules. Is there a differnce betweel perl and php? If not then this may be the error. I know that I have php capabilities... I had a php chat room on the site. (which has since been taken down)
  10. oh I get it! htaccess is within my folders on the cpanel or ftp. I found htpasswds. Does this sound right? - I added it to my htpasswds and got nothing back. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with my little problem: QUOTE: "FormMail-clone is a clone of Matt Wright's FormMail.cgi under a less restrictive liscense. It should behave almost exactly as FormMail.cgi, but it is completely written from scratch so there might be a few minor visual diffrences. The Actual Script is here.... http://persona-designs.com/cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi The documentation for Matt Wright's FormMail.cgi might be helpful if you have never used FormMail before. It is avalible here. Please note that the Cpanel 3.0 developers are not associated with Matt Wright's Script archive in any way. " I found this on my cpanel when I clicked the form mail button. This is all I get. Nothing more, nothing less. (not that there is much less to see)
  11. I'm sorry. This is foreign to me. I don't understand script. I use dreamweaver very well and that is the extent of my knowledge. When you say htaccess. I don't know what you are referring to. (It is very familiar) I don't know where to put this code. I thank you for your help though. Greatly appreciated.
  12. I change the test.html page to default (w/o my email address in it.) I thought that may help since you didn't say to change the email address to what is applicable.
  13. okay... this is helping. I think I am beginning to understand. I changed the email to what I need it to be in both the note pad thing as well as the webpage (within dreamweaver) it isn't working. This is what I get when I test the form http://www.persona-designs.com/dodosmail.php
  14. Okay. I tried both of those site. I think my problem is that I am using dreamweaver and have no knowledge of php script. (or anything other then html) I pasted code, from the dodos read me, into dream weaver and I somewhat get the idea. Problem is that I don't see any place in which my, potential, senders can submit information. The Ultimate form mail confuses me completly. Thank you for you help Lisa. I appreciate it very much.
  15. I'm am in need of FREE form mail. I have found a few that are free but the free forms that I have seen are simply for comments. I need an order form for email. I have my html all set up and ready to roll. If anyone knows of a good FREE form mail for ordering please let me know.
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