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  1. Ignore the above post, i think i have found a tiny loophole in my code.
  2. Thank your TCH-David for your time. However unfortunatly using this line in the .htaccess isnt an option. The issue i am having dificulting understanding is this: I have buit a login system, and i as a test i have disabled cookies in my browser. However a session is still being created, and my user can login. The session id is not in the url. They then can't browse other pages which use the same code to check for $_SESSION['login_id']; SO why can the session get created in the first place without browser cookies. (I have checked and no cookies are being created.) Tha
  3. Hi, As the title really, i want to force cookies instead of session id's in the url. I am using ini_set('session.use_trans_sid', 0); but when i check afterwards, it tells me its still set to 1. Any reasons why ?
  4. Hi section31, It looks like we are both trying to achieve similar things. I am looking for a php method to extract bandwidth stats, also external of the cpanel. I am looking hard, maybe we should pool ideas if either of us come up with anything. Happy hunting. G_N
  5. Sorry, should give you a clarification. I would like to know the path name to the Raw access logs. That way i can then, do some calulations in order to work out how much bandwidth has been used in that month. Thanks for your time
  6. hi, hmmm Been doing some digging, do i have access to "/home/USER/logs/access_log" "/home/USER/logs/access_log.1" ??
  7. Hi there, I have decided to offer a graphical/ textual report on the amount of bandwidth a customer has used so far in that given month. Just like the one avaliable to us in the cpanel. But i want it external to the cpanel. So my question is really, which files on the server do i need to reference in order to calcualte bandwidth usage. With this information, i can get into some heavy duty php writing. Any thoughts ?? Take Care G_N
  8. Thank you all soo much. It works. Perfect. Thanks Thanks Thanks
  9. Thanks for your reply So if i was to type MYDOMAIN.co.uk, it would be as though i typed the domain with a dot com ?
  10. Hello there, I had to buy my .co.uk domain names from another company because at the time, tch did not offer this service. So i bought my .co.uk's knowing that the company i bought them with allows, url redirection/forwarding. However..... The method they employ is to view the .com through a frameset when visiting the .co.uk. A method that i am not personally satified with. I have contacted the company in question and they will not change the method. They did send me some code that breaks out of frames. ><script language="JavaScript">if (parent.frames.length > 0) { p
  11. Not to worry, your link have proved very useful and i have already started making some 'on the fly' documents. Take Care G_N
  12. You have some very valid points. I am looking at the alternatives, i dont really want to spend money on something that will only generated very simple files. Do you have any experience with any form of dynamic pdf creation ?? Thanks G_N
  13. not sure this is the right forum, but ill try anyway, be sure to move it if i am doing wrong. I need to create pdf files dynamically using php. I have been told that its do-able, http://uk2.php.net/pdf When i try there example script, it fails, so i am guessing this is not installed/compiled in by default. Is there another way, or can i install something that will help me out ?? Many Thanks G_N
  14. I sorted it now, thank you all for your brain powers Much appreciated.. Take Care G_N
  15. i think i figured it out stand down, men.... lemme play a sec. G_N
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