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  1. My friend did contact Tech Support, and they changed all the folders under wp-content (themes, plugins, uploads, upgrades) to 777. The owner and group are still listed as 571 in Filezilla. I am not sure what that means, but I suspect it means the wrong entity is considered the owner of those directories and the files under them. How should my friend communicate this to Help Desk support? Obviously you can write to a file with 777 permissions, but as you say, 755 should work, and 777 is insecure. What, exactly, should she be asking them to change, and what should she be asking them to change it to?
  2. Earlier this week I helped a friend move her blog to TCH from another, more expensive webhost. We manually installed the most recent version of WordPress using Filezilla and I imported her backed up WordPress database using phpmyadmin. Everything seems to be working well except that she can't upload photos with WordPress's media uploader. It tells her it can't create the file and to check that wp-content/uploads is writable. Well, according to Filezilla and the Cpanel file manager, it is writable. We changed file permissions to 775 on that folder and still had the problem. I am thinking this is a problem with who "owns" the files. Filezilla reports both owner and group as 571. I don't know what that translates to, or what it should be. What should she ask Tech Support to change the file and group ownership to? What should file and folder permissions be set to so that WordPress will function correctly? Right now she has set the uploads folder to 777 and is able to upload photos, but I know this is not secure. However, it is the only permission setting that is working.
  3. Exactly. Caught in the twilight zone of no-one-here-can-figure-it-out. Well, I did submit the whole problem to Akismet, and I'll be working on the plugin end today. Sigh. To be fair, TCH Tech Support went back and looked again after I told them that I was getting an error from UTW, too: I am not as confident as they are that the "vendor" will be able to debug it quickly, but, oh well.
  4. Joefish, Thank you for mentioning those plugins and the Blog Herald. I have been hearing about that place but hadn't checked it out yet. I didn't think it was a TCH issue, either, but I figured I had to ask before going back to Akismet. For anyone who might be interested, I did file a Help ticket and the answer was: But I believe the "get tag suggestions" part of Ultimate Tag Warrior stopped working at the same time (earlier this week). When I click on that button underneath the Write Post box, I get this error: The first time I got that error, I figured Yahoo timed out or something. Now I'm not so sure. My next steps will be to submit the problem to Akismet and UTW and to deactivate all my other plugins and reactivate them one by one.
  5. Joefish, I had checked the Akismet website for that kind of information but didn't know enough to check other places. However, the link you provided made it sound like the trouble was over, and my API key still won't update. Will probably install Spam Karma before the day is out.
  6. I had used Spam Karma prior to Akismet, and somehow it got really screwed up, and kept giving me error messages, and blocking commenters it shouldn't have, etc. Apparently that's all been fixed, if you guys like it so much. But neither of you answered my implicit question, which is, "Does my host block outgoing http requests?"
  7. I have been a longtime user of Akismet and it has always worked great. However, in the last few days I had started getting a lot more spam. Today I finally checked my Akismet options and was surprised to find this message on the Akismet configuration page: Further elucidation at the Akismet FAQ page: So my question is, has TCH done something recently that would cause Akismet to be unable to validate my key? I am on Server 117 and am using WP 2.0.5 and the latest version of Akismet (2.0). I have already tried the other suggestions in the FAQ, such as typing in my API key and waiting a few minutes before trying again. Any other suggestions are appreciated.
  8. WordPress has an option to enable "pretty" or "cruft-free" permalinks. When you do this, it modifies your .htaccess file. If you then attempt to activate HotLink protection or Redirects, Cpanel is all confused by what WordPress put in the .htaccess and gives you an error. I have found the correct code for accomplishing both of these tasks and inserted it in my .htaccess myself, and then it works fine. I don't know if others have had this problem, but it's something to be aware of when a member complains that either of these utilities is "not working."
  9. When you set up an ftp account and specify a folder, does this mean that the users will have access to all folders under that folder? For example, if I set up an account assigned to a folder called Genealogy for family members to share their research, will they have access to subfolders of Genealogy, such as Smith, Jones, Colburn, etc.?
  10. I think that even though they show up in your hotlinks allow list they are not really in the allow list. I use WordPress, which adds a lot of lines to the .htaccess file to make easily read urls. The hotlink manager interface "reads" the .htaccess file and displays lines from it that aren't really part of hotlink protection. See if you can look at your .htaccess file directly and figure out which parts belong to what.
  11. I sent an email to Bloglines. Hadn't thought to check the feed urls myself. I can load them all in my browser. So whatever is going on, I need more information to troubleshoot it. You might be checking the wrong feed at Bloglines, though, because it has certainly been updated since Feb. 5th. http://www.coldclimategardening.com/wp-rss.php http://www.coldclimategardening.com/wp-rss2.php http://www.coldclimategardening.com/wp-rdf.php http://www.coldclimategardening.com/wp-atom.php The last post I saw in Bloglines was dated Feb. 28th.
  12. Yes, I have it turned on right now. If you can see it just fine, then there must be some other problem. I will send an email to Bloglines. Thanks for the reassurance.
  13. Last week I enabled hotlink protection. After that I noticed that Bloglines.com (the online feed aggregator) displayed an error next to my feed. Over the weekend I made two entries to my blog, and neither one was picked up by Bloglines. In an attempt to figure out if the problem was at my end or their end, I subscribed to my own feed using Thunderbird's built-in feed reader, and it picked up the two blog entries that I wrote after enabling hotlink protection. But I contacted Garden Voices, a reblogger that sends a lot of desirable traffic my way, and she told me that she is no longer getting my feed. She tried to re-subscribe to it, but it told her she was already subscribed. Here is a copy of the part of my .htaccess file that was added when I enabled hotlink protection: >RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://coldclimategardening.com/.*$ [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://coldclimategardening.com$ [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://weblog.coldclimategardening.com/.*$ [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://weblog.coldclimategardening.com$ [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://www.coldclimategardening.com/.*$ [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://www.coldclimategardening.com$ [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://www.weblog.coldclimategardening.com/.*$ [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://www.weblog.coldclimategardening.com$ [NC] RewriteRule .*\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|bmp)$ - [F,NC] Is there something missing or extraneous in there that would be causing problems, or should I look elsewhere?
  14. Yes, it did extract a .com file which was confusing to me, but when I told my text editor to open it, it could. I have to say after looking through the first couple thousand lines using the Find command, I really didn't know anymore than I knew looking at AWstats. I also tried a program called WebLog Expert, which allowed me to filter out everything except Googlebot, which allowed me to see that there wasn't any pattern to the visits. So I actually went to Google itself and read the FAQs here: http://www.google.com/webmasters/bot.html . And since my question wasn't answered I filled out the contact form. If I actually hear from them I'll report back.
  15. As best as I can tell, a *.gz is some sort of compressed file. When I said Windows XP couldn't open it, I meant it didn't know how to un-compress it. Once it is uncompressed I am sure I will be able to read it. But I'm still not sure if it is the raw log for the month or just for today. It won't do me much good unless it is the log for the month.
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