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  1. mvpzone

    Xp Sp2

    Hi To add to Mike and Jim, you need patience as well. I have updated two pc's with sp2 and on an average the install alone took about 1.5 hours/pc for me. So it will help that you plan it when you have time and more over after the install you need to carefully check all of your existing software to evaluate if they work as expected or not. And for the first install read up all you can about xp sp2. Cheers
  2. Hi Some Tips, based on my experiences Take an inventory of your drivers (based on your peripherals) to see if they have any updates for xp sp2. I did run into an issue with my display driver. Next though it might seem a bit boring read the article at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/sp2/sp2_whattoknow.mspx Good luck... Cheers
  3. Hi Updated my Pc at home with XP sp2. I did quite some reading before hand for over two weeks to check compatibilities of my existing software and drivers. The update took a bit longer than anticipated, about slightly more than one hour. But did not interupt the process in any way. I did it straight via the Windows update site but downloaded first and then intiated the updated later. Upgraded my norton firewall and antivirus with the WMI update before the upgrade. But then i did hit one issue with my monitor drivers. I had to install not the latest version which sp2 picked for me automatically but an alternate (signed WHQL) driver. cheers
  4. Hi eicia I get the red 'x' too. I cannot see any images on your site. I also wanted to say that am investigating a similar problem on my site. Cheers
  5. Thanks for the addtional tip Rick. I do not have any plans to create an additional sub-domain yet. Nevertheless i will keep this in mind when i intend to create one. Does this mean when i have to create a dedicated sub-domain, i will not have a working catch-all or is it that the manual intervention on the server will have to be redone (to function for the non-existent sub-domains). Cheers.
  6. Looks like i am not in luck. In my Cpanel i see that i have an option to redirect at resource level http://****/foo.html ----> http://****/bar.html I do not see a possibility to set it up at sub-domain level. i do not want to create any sub-domain just want to catch requests to any sub-domain and route them to www.**** I tried creating a sub-domain with name * and it failed with an exception that stated could not resolve this to an IP
  7. Folks I wanted to know if any of you have experiences in setting up a catch all sub-domain. To give an example: 1. I have a domain **** 2. I want all requests to *.**** to land at www.**** I thought i could handle this via a rewrite rule (simplified) #To redirect any subdomain to www RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.mydomain\.com [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$ RewriteRule ^/(.*) *****/$1 [L,R=permanent] Added this to my .htaccess at my docroot and does not seem to work. Any pointers... Cheers
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