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  1. Thats the thing I jsut get a blank screen.
  2. I just tried that but it wasn't the only problem theres something else!
  3. Okay, I have some of the same horror stories as others but I will tell them any way XD. My first host was 25$ for a domain and free hosting..... I should've known then but I was new to it all! 20mb of space! I cant rember the bandwidth. (not that my site deserved any visitors ) Then I moved to another host, I loved the support there every thing was good untill I was looking around and I relized I wanted a graphics site not just some random thing, then I looked at my 5gb of bandwith, and said to my self Its time to move, so after about 6 months I left. I was bored and I really liked this site that I visited alot, and relized that its host gave enough bandwith to have over 200 visitors per day AND I usually visted this site daily, no down time. So I WHOIS'ed them and found tch and that was the end of the horror stories. The only prob I had was losing my CPanel pass... and now I'm happy!! Thanks tch this smily explains my feelings !!! Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign
  4. I'm trying to write a code that displays a random banner out of a data base but when I run the script I get a blank screen with no errors or anything. ><? $connection = @mysql_connect("localhost", "user", "pass") or die(error); $database = @mysql_db_select($connection, database) or die(error); $amt = @mysql_query($connection, "SELECT * FROM sites") or die(error); $amt1 = @mysql_num_rows($amt); $banner = rand(1, $amt1); $sql = "SELECT * FROM sites LIMIT $banner,1"; $result = @mysql_query($connection, $sql) or die(error); $row = mysql_fetch_array($result); $link = $row[url]; $img = $row[pic]; $out_put = "<a href=\"http://lonelydreamer.com/?page=home\"><img src=\"images/banner_top.gif\" border=0></a><br>\n"; $out_but .= "<a href=\"http://$link\"><img src=\"banners/$img\" border=0></a><br>\n"; $out_but .= "<a href=\"http://lonelydreamer.com/?page=join\"><img src=\"images/banner_bottom.gif\" border=0></a><br>\n"; print $out_put; ?>
  5. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO.................. much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't do any designs without that thanks alot!!!!!!!
  6. I use the search that can be installed in CPanel but I had to do some extensive scripting so it would look right in my layout and stuff like that.
  7. ><div id=NAVIGATION1 style=" width:129; position:absolute;top:302px;left:135px;"> fajsdlfsfdsdfasdfasfddasfffffffffffffffff </div> Okay I have a navigation bar that is exactly 129 px but the width element refuses to work!! please advise.
  8. Thanks! And I also know PHP already.
  9. I've never tiried this before , mainly because i'm still learning C++, I was formerly learning C but I thought I would be better off learning C++ and Perl. So can I use my C++ scripts on tch?
  10. I personally just make a new variable called like $result1 so I can use the data from both results further on in the code. Good Luck!
  11. I tried this but even if I IP Deny a domain name it will still be able to link my images. I think that I will look into some other things Thanks for your help everyone!!
  12. The reply above doesn't exactly help me, I know about the hotlinking manager provided within cpanel, but that hasn't been the best for me, so I want to deny the certain sites that are hotlinking access instead of blocking all.
  13. I want to be able to deny access to images from only specified sites. I haven't seen any other posts like this so I thought I might as well ask. I have asked around and have been lead to belive that this can be done with some additions to the .htaccess file(s). Thanks for all your help.
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