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  1. hey all, working on a website for my Battalion in Iraq... does anyone know of a script that display the time zones for here and back home? Ideally, I would like to customize it to have one of the times display CURRENT TIME AT FT. HOOD, TX and the other time to display CURRENT TIME AT CAMP XXX, IRAQ. Importantly, the date would also be nice, as it is usually (for example) sunday morning here and sat afternoon back home! thank you in advance, SPC Pfeffer
  2. Hey all... I am an IT Tech in the Army stationed in Korea, and have had a few computers install SP2 as well as about 12 hotfixes (Windows XP hotfix (SP2)) for it. When running Belarc, it still says that the computers have SP1 installed. Only an administrator has the privileges to install, and no one has installed this mysterious version of XP! This problem has caused the computers to have difficulties in contacting the domain! As far as I know, SP2 only had one update! Anyone know what the heck this is that is installing itself on random computers? chris
  3. is it possible to have more than one username and password to log into cpanel so that people that help update a site can use a different username other than the one assigned, or must all users log on using the same name? thanks in advance, pfeffer
  4. try this... where it says table width="100%" height="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="20" replace it with table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 align="center" might work... it worked in mine???? pfeffer
  5. camp castle is north of camp casey... about 10 miles south of the DMZ!
  6. i am stuck on a 24 hour watch and i am going insane! anyone have any sites that I can go to to help keep me occupied? it is 12 am and i have 9 more hours to go! keep in mind that all chat sites and the like are blocked by the army server! Any other good forums that are active at this hour? i think i might be able to view some flash sites from here cheers, pfeffer
  7. I just found out that in Feb. I will be departing The Land of the Morning Stinch (South Korea) and heading to Fort Hood Texas!!! This is the coolest as I am from Houston! Anyone gonna be in the area? pfeffer
  8. anyone know of a simple code for having two clocks displaying 2 time zones? The idea is to have one clock display what time it is in South Korea and another clock next to it displaying what time it is in Houston, Texas. Cheers in advance! pfeffer
  9. Just thought i would add that if you are a mac user, and using their newest OS, Photoshop is the only program I know as of yet that runs at the 64bit level! Don't know if it works on the new AMD 64 or not though, as our fastest computers in the field are still PIII's! Can't wait to get back state side and try the new goodies out!
  10. I will agree that both ACDSee and Kodak are excellent and easy to use! I also heard that Adobe makes a package for beginner users that also uses a simplified version of photoshop for easy and quick editing for a beginner! Let me know what you decide upon... as we all have family members that are computer challenged and would love feedback on simple to use software! pfeffer5308
  11. looks good in south korea on a military server that usually blocks everything! Thumbs Up
  12. hey all, does anyone know of a simple blog that will allow me to simply input text so that I can use it as an online journal type thing? Or simply add/delete text in a journal type environment? Thank you in advance! pfeffer5308
  13. Hey all, does anyone have a link or know of a cable that is capable of slaving a laptop hard drive onto a desktop? I have come across multiple instances where I needed to recover data from a corrupt laptop hard drive that will not load windows! This becomes incresingly important when the faulty hard drive contains classified information, so any knowledge on this subject would be awesome! Thank you in advance, pfeffer5308
  14. Got a lap top here in korea that is running windows 2k. Upon boot, I get the blue screen of death that says: Stop: c0000218 (Registry File Failure) The registry cannot load the hive (file): \SystemRoot\System32\Config\SOFTWARE or its log or alternare. It is corrupt, absent, or not writable. Beginnig dump of physical memory Physical memory dump complete. Contact your system admin......... If heard of a system taking a "dump" before, but this is crazy! I am assuming that this has something to do with the RAM going or has gone bad? Any suggestions? Pfeffer5308
  15. you guys rock... thanks for the help!
  16. I am currently working on a project involving a picture album for my site and it asks for my SQL Host, Database name, username, password, and table prefix. Can you please tell me what these are? Thanks in advance, chris pfeffer
  17. Thanks for the help all... it was not balster (unless it was a new version that norton doesn't have a fix for)! I figured I would just format his computer anyway and give it a clean install! Just thought I would tell everyone here a little about myself right quick though... I am 27 and currently deployed to south korea with the US Army... My job is a 31 uniform, meaning that I am in charge of communications on the battle field... this job also includes all computers, thus making me the admin for about 180 computers with only one other person to help out! On top of all the tanks and vehicles that i have to maintain, i usually end up working from 6am to 8pm and most weekends! I am telling you this because the work load causes me to have brain farts once in a while, so i will probably ask questions every now and again when i am having a hard time! If anyone hears anything new about viruses, etc.. please feel free to drop me a line! pfeffer5308
  18. i think ill writet that into FM 21-20 and see what kind of responses I get when we do it for PT in the morning! Almost as good as doing Squats with a tank track!
  19. Does anyone know of a virus that causes IE to shutdown when you are connected to the internet? When signing on to the ISP, then opening Internet Explorer, a messages pops up saying Windows will shut down in 60 seconds. If so, please tell me what it is, and how to remove it! Thanks Pfeffer5308
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