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  1. Thanks Bruce. I had a little trouble finding what I thought was the best area to post, thanks for moving it Anybody else out there using TCH and found a good, inexpensive solution to better stats for those of us who need more in depth reporting? Lisety
  2. I have a directory website and really need something better than Awstats so I can show clients (and myself) how many times their resort was clicked on, what keywords from which search engines, etc. Another forum I belong to suggested that Urchin and ClickTracks were the best and had the most information. Is there any chance you guys are considering getting a better package to offer us? Or do you have any other ideas for me? Thanks, Lisety
  3. I was born in Africa, in Senegal and have lived around the world but I am a U.S. citizen and right now am living in the USA. Last year I was living in Mexico. Lisety
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