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  1. Does anyone know of a decent php script for Fanfic ? I've looked at and tried a few listed on Hotscripts: http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Scripts_and_...ries/index.html Couple of them don't work, couple are dodgy. Nothing there that I fancy. So if anyone can introduce me...? Ta.
  2. Here's a (possibly) tricky one... I'm running a site with a Postnuke module/modded version of phpBB. (PNphpBB2) It is the latest version of PNphpBB2, but the phpbb isn't - it's 2.0.10 A few months ago the folks at PNphpBB gave everyone a heads up about the other security risk (which I updated the forum with) but today I went to their website to see what the word was and... http://www.pnphpbb.com/ *gulp* So for the moment I've taken the forum on the site offline until I can investigate and too see if I can install a patch or an update from phpBB. But after recieving the warning email - my fear is that you chaps will come along and disable the forum, which is intergrated into Postnuke - and which may therefore disable the entire site. So just a request to your peeps over there - be careful out there. Watch where you put those size nines.
  3. [Follow up for any lurkers] Submitted ticket at 1.45pm - reply received and evrything sorted - 1.56pm Didn't even have time to blink. Nice one. Thumbs Up
  4. Hey - are you following me around ? Last stupid Q: Who should I contact ? Customer Serv ? Billing ? Tech Support ? (Thanks for holding my hand through all this.) Thumbs Up
  5. Another question: (Keeping you lot on your toes) Last weekend I did sign up for Silver hosting and was intending to point a recently purchased domain to the space, but thinking about it.. it might be better if I point that one to somewhere else and the site mentioned in another post (10gigs) to my TCH webspace. The intention of the new domain was for webbie design business and hosting of some customer websites on a subdomain. But your terms of service don't allow this. (I can't afford the reseller package.) So what I would like to do is change the domain mentioned in the order to the aformentioned (is 10gigs enough) one. The other website is not related - it is for a band, so subdomains will be in relation to the band. I may not be making myself clear on this one... Can I contact anyone directly about this or could we discuss what action to take here ?
  6. The current host have unlimited bandwidth, which sounds great but the downside is they don't offer all the extras as other hosts, such as TCH do. The website uses 30 megs of space, but it needs to expand, I can't do this where it is at the moment. Want to add a picture gallery amongst other things and I know that will suck some width. I may do as you suggest Lisa - Go with the starter and see what happens from there. (My sympathies for your loss Jikrantz)
  7. Hello there. A newb to the TCH and a question about transferring another domain I've got: The question is more about the bandwidth than the space. The website currently has 30,000 hits per day on it. (This is because of heightened activity regarding the subject) But usually, on average, it is about 10,000 hits per day. If I purchased the starter plan and moved the site over would 10GB of Bandwith per month be enough ? You guys obviously are more of an expert on this sort of things, so I appreciate if someone could do some calculations and advise. Thanks Webbie.
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