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  1. I received the "upgrade phpbb" email this afternoon too. However, I upgraded to ver. 2.0.11 on Monday when the other "action required" blog software email came out. Was this phpbb email another mass email to all accounts, or is TCH showing my phpbb being outdated? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome! And thanks for the quick replies. I've submitted a help ticket. We'll see what they have to say. Thanks again...
  3. Hi All! First post, although I've been TCH for about a year now. Anyways, in regards to ImageMagick: I'm installing Gallery 1.4.4-PL4 and had success loading it, except for one thing. I got these warning messages: And a similar one for IM: Does TCH plan on installing these additional binaries any time soon? This watermarking feature is one of the biggest reasons I chose to use Gallery. Also, if these other binaries are installed, do you know, will I need to reinstall Gallery for them to take effect? Thanks in advance!
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