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  1. The sign-up page uses the ________.___ syntax for the domain that you want to host. Do you host non-US domains, too? Such as the name, to use an example, domain.com.mx from Mexico?
  2. Will domains that are added to a reseller account be accessible/administrated from the main CPanel or do they all get their own Cpanels? I have a # of domains that I want to admin and curious if I can do it from the main CPanel or if I am going to have to have different CPanel logins per website.
  3. The features/functionality you get for $4/mo is awesome. TCH must have an awesome business model to be able to provide the services that they provide at these low prices. I am currently on the $4/mo plan to test out TCH before I upgrade to a reseller account and bring over my domains. The level of service they provide for only $4 is outstanding. $20/mo for 16GB of transfers and all the domains you want. That is a great deal. Slap some banner ads on a site or two and it can more than cover the costs for all of the websites.
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