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  1. Greetings: Does anyone know the installed DB module for python within the TCH suite? I have tried the standard MySQLdb module "import MySQLdb" but it gives a script error. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Greetings: I am writing a python db script and am getting the infamous Premature end of script headers: #!/usr/bin/env python # import MySQL module import MySQLdb db = MySQLdb.connect (host = "localhost" ,user = "myusername" ,passwd = "mypassword" ,db = "mydatabase") # create a cursor cursor = db.cursor() # execute SQL statement cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM category ORDER BY category ASC;") # get the number of rows in the resultset numrows = int(cursor.rowcount) # get and display one row at a time in the select list print "Content-Type: text/html\n\n" print ... results from select statement. Is there a problem with how I am trying to connect to the database here? Is the syntax off for trying to connect to the db. Is MySQLdb for python installed on tch? A simple hello world script as follows works with no problems. #!/usr/bin/env python print "Content-Type: text/html\n\n" print "Hello World" Any python insights would be helpful. Thanks.
  3. Greetings: Do python scripts have to be in cgi-bin/, or can they be placed anywhere within the website? I am writing a few custom scripts for a client of mine and the scripts are written in python. Thanks.
  4. Greetings: What is the path to the python library so I can use it in my pages? Thanks.
  5. Greetings: Does TCH support or plan to support python scripting. I have found the syntax very easy to read and understand. I am hosting with TCH and would like to offer python as a scripting language option. Do any guru's have comments on this? Thanks.
  6. Greetings: I am in the process of adding a couple of websites to my portfolio and would like to use a reseller account to host each domain. I have a couple of questions I need answered before I make the upgrade. I am sure these have been asked before on in Pre-Sales, but here we go again. 1) Do TCH reseller accounts have there own NameServers for the master account? How is each domain within a reseller account managed? 2) Is there a cap on the number of domainas that can be used for a reseller account and does the price increase to hold more domains within a reseller? 3) Do domains hosted by a reseller account have to be registered through TCH? Thanks Bill.
  7. Greetings: Do you host any type of streaming audio content? Thanks.
  8. Greetings: I'm in the process of looking for a webhost to host some open source Midi Audio Production software (not streaming content). I am glad to see that you have forums available. Another requirement I will need is a bugzilla setup. This should be possible with cgi-bin access on the the server. Will TCH support an installation of bugzilla? Also, do you provide SSH access to the server? Thanks. Bill.
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