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  1. Sign-up with Google Adsense and have Google banner ads cover any extra bandwidth costs.
  2. I work on all of my websites locally and FTP changed files. So I always have a latest version of my website handy!
  3. I assume the queue is not completely empty yet. I just received one that spent 8 hours in limbo.
  4. Right now it appears to be working (cannot duplicate the problem). But this is a problem that I had a week or so ago, but the topic that I created in this forum about it is gone. I will absolutely re-open the ticket when I get another delayed email. The worst kind of problem is one that is intermittent and not immediately re-createable, I know.
  5. The ticket was closed 9 minutes after opening with the report that no problems were found on the server. Support did not even ask to see my example emails which have the headers to show the long delays. I guess I will see what I can do about re-opening the ticket and submitting header examples. I'm not fully faithful that Server77 is going to delivery mail in a timely manner yet. Maybe the problem is gone, but I know I had this issue a week or so ago, and again today, so it was not a purely isolated incident. PS- Just received a 4th delayed email that sat around on the Server77 box for 3 hours before it was delivered to my inbox.
  6. They patched a couple of potential exploits. Watch for TCH to update their servers so you can patch your websites to the latest version.
  7. My third attempt at submitting a ticket has finally worked. I have no idea what happened to the first couple attempts. Now I can start some dialog with support about this issue, especially now that I have some email examples that show the problem that Server77 is having. Wish me luck.
  8. I now have two delayed emails in my inbox for examples. When I check the headers, I can see that they do arrive at Server77 in decent time. One took 3 hours to arrive in my inbox and the other one took almost 5 hours, and again, it is after the messages have arrived at Server77. It is not every message, just random ones. It would likely be easier to resolve it all emails were that delayed, but the problem only seems to occur randomly. Some test emails go through like lightning, so it is not an easy issue to dupe. PS- Just got a 3rd email that is about 5 1/2 hours delayed. Arrived to server77 at 11:59:01, delivered at 17:29:44.
  9. I used an external, non-TCH hosted address. I will PM you more details.
  10. What happens when they reach their quota? They stop getting emails? Let their accounts stop getting email and then explain to them that they need to either pay more per month for more space or teach their users to better utilize their email services. Breaking their incoming email and/or hitting them with a large bill is going to be the only way to make them listen. Quietly deleteing emails in the background or sending them nice, friendly email warnings are not going to get the job done.
  11. What is the status of getting email flowing on this server? I created another ticket, but I never receive an email with the ticket key, so I cannot check status. And the support tells me that I do not have any tickets when I try to put in my email address to have it re-sent. My last post related to this problem appears to have been deleted, otherwise I was just going to append my request to that post. What is going on with Server77 and the support functions? Can I change to another server that might not have these problems? I have a reseller account with you guys, TCH.
  12. The sites keep mentioned its an eval version. Is it limited in any way? Online updates work?
  13. I would highly recommend a hardware-based firewall.
  14. Firefox has a known memory leak. That's why I've had to stop using it. Having over 100MB dedicated to my browser is a little bit excessive! Although, do not go back to IE, try the latest version of Opera. They've come a long way since the last time I used them (must've been v5 days).
  15. Novell's SUSE website does not appear to like my Opera. My downloaded data just keeps climbing and climbing and no site is shown. Comes up pretty quick in Firefox. Weird.
  16. Get a reseller account because you will only keep adding domains...
  17. Maybe WebTrends (commercial) or Analog (free)?
  18. I highly suggest using the "password protect a directory" function on the /forums/admin/ directory. Thus you add another layer of security in case someone's able to hack "admin rights" somehow. To admin the forums you need phpBB admin rights AND the user/pass that you setup in the Cpanel. You can never be too safe. I just did it now for all of my phpBB sites. No idea why I never thought to go ahead and do it to them in the past.
  19. I do have an account on their forums, but never get any emails. And the last thing that I have time for is going around the web every day to check software versions. That's why I'm on a bunch of announcement mailing lists for important software.
  20. Someone hit one of my non-TCH hosted phpBB sites. Just made a sweep of all my TCH and non-TCH sites that use phpBB to get them upto the current version. Does phpBB offer a mailing list for announcements? I am looking at their website and not finding anything. It would be very handy to get updates immediately in the future... rather than find out the hard way.
  21. It is called a Joe Job when someone spams using your email address so you end up getting the boat loads of bounced from bad addresses. Unfortunately there is not really much you can do unless you go deep enough into the bounces to find the source of the messages and sue. (Or so I would imagine, never had a Joe Job that lasted too long tho.)
  22. Awesome, that should work perfect, thanks!
  23. Here's a simplified version of what I'm doing: # echo "<HTML>Testing</HTML>" | fgrep -i testing <HTML>Testing</HTML> No problems, it's working great. But I have a need to remove any special formatting or junk that may be included in that text. For instance, my script fails on this kind of grep: # echo "<HTML><B>Test</B>ing</HTML>" | fgrep -i testing # Is there some sed/awk method of removing any <any character in here> from a line before I try to do my greps? I desire to grep data, not HTML. I'm no sed/awk expect, so I'm curious what to do! Any help is clearly appreciated.
  24. I have moved a couple of phpBBs in my past. Even moved one to TCH to try out the process. I made sure the phpBB versions matched up on the old site and the new (TCH). Created a phpBB using CPanel. Exported the MySQL database from the old site using MySqlAdmin. Imported the data into the new phpBB (TCH) using MySqlAdmin. That process works like a charm.
  25. The era of overpaying for domains is over. I think that fad went out with investing your cash into companies w/o services/products.
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