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  1. Hello, I have a website - www.autismfair.com and we are having our annual conference coming up soon and i want to add an online registration form that when people fill it out will kick the information into one excel database and charge their credit cards automatically through my authorize.net account. Can anyone tell me what I need? Thanks in advance for any help- you guys are always so great. I have a friend who is a web designer helping me update the site. Christine
  2. I got some help from someone on the board and got my password! I'm so grateful there is a place to go when I have problems. TCH rocks! Christine
  3. sbin_ifconfig_-a I found a document with this title- but it doesn't have any password on it. thanks for your help- btw Christine
  4. I have no idea what i am doing. How could getting a password be so complicated? I'm not changing anything- just looking at the files. Christine
  5. Ok- I found the password to get into the control panel. Now i'm there looking at the files and i'm not sure what to look for. Does the file say "password" or "config"? thanks- Christine
  6. Someone else set up my website at www.autismfair.com. I only know basic computer stuff and not scripting or html. My problem is I can't long onto my ecommerce acct. for the store on our website. I haven't done it in 6 months or so and can't remember the password. There is no way to get the password from the log in page. Usually they have "forget your password" and they mail it to you (or a temp one). This is driving me crazy. I looked at the support page for ecommerce and all they have is "look at the php" or something- but I have no idea what that is or how to do it. Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this. Thankfully I have the username (got that by resetting the password on the forum). Their "support" is only for 6 months- so they won't help me now. I think this whole thing is crazy and I'm REALLY appreciating TCH now Not that I ever didn't. thanks in advance for any help. You would be helping me and children with autism and their families! Christine/Thrillcats
  7. Hi Gang, I have a reseller acct and I was checking the stats on 2 different websites and the last 4-5 days there is nothing. Says 0 hits, visits, etc. This is impossible- especially on more than one popular site. Does anyone know if the AWSTATS is down? Is it me? does anyone else have this problem? what should i do? Thanks in advance- Christine http://www.lighthousestudios.info
  8. Hello everyone, just wanted to share. I've been with TCH for about 6 months now- with no problems. I upgraded to a reseller acct months ago because I host a variety of websites for non-profit groups. I was afraid to figure out the whole reseller system- but after spending 10 min watching the tutorial video, everything made sense. In minutes I had all the control panels up and running. It was so much easier then I thought it would be. Thank you so much and you all do a great job in making this system easy to understand. a very happy customer- and yankee fan- Christine in NY
  9. THANKS- i read that section and changed the port to 26- and it worked. thanks sooooo much Christine
  10. Hi everyone- just wondering if someone here can point me in the right direction. I have outlook express (mac) and i have two different email accounts from two different servers (one is TCH). I am able to download my new email and read it- but when i respond there is a connection error- and it won't go thru. The email just sits there in my outbox. At first I thought it was something with the server, but it is happening with both domains- with different servers. It might be because we lost power for a day. But, yesterday I turned everything on and off- which should have done the trick. I have a cable modem and a router. I also have mail service on my second mac (with mac mail) and have the same problem on there. Should i just turn everyone on and off again? I just think it's weird that I can download mail and surf the internet- i just can't send email. thanks in advance for any input- Christine
  11. Happy Canada Day from an ex-resident of Buffalo, NY. Christine
  12. thanks so much for the quick reponse. i'm going to try it out when i get back from my meeting good day everyone Christine
  13. I would like to upgrade to a reseller. I hosted a couple of very small sites with my old package. But, i have a couple of questions- is it a separate domain or a sub domain (the second website)? do they get their own email- like john@johnbraile.com ? (I'm lighthousestudios.info) What i've read- i can have unlimited domains hosted- but the size and bandwith is limited- right? I would like to upgrade today, if possible- so please help asap. thanks in advance Christine
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