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  1. how is the awstats updated mine says never updated?
  2. i could have sumitted som sites on my own i dont know how to do it with notepad but how do you get to rank high some submit companies charge more for higher ranking ?
  3. thanks guys i think i like this web hosting just couse the help you get in the forum . thanks
  4. i get email about submissions all the time ? how do i get one that works ? theres so many whitch do i choose without throwing money away ?
  5. they offer web mail and unlimeted emails? 1- do i have to enter them into the system? is there a way to have them make a account and then sign in right away? 2 - when i put a login on my sitre for the web mail i go to sign in and ok itworks but next time i go to log in it automatically goes to the email from the first sign in my members use public computers i need to be able to sign in different users. One reason i chose this site was becouse of the unlimeted email . i like the horde emaill system it evans has a callender to bad i cant use it please help !!! Jim dicomputers galvestonmall.com
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