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  1. We are having the same issue on kashyk No emails being received and when I try and send from an account it gives us an SMTP error.
  2. I'd guess that the reason you (and your daughter) got this email was that you/her had a something (Domain name, SSL Cert, etc) registered with them at some point. They probably sent the email to all customer records, regardless of if the domain name or other product was still registered there or not. Meaning your customer record still existed, and as such, they probably sent the email to all customers as the entire customer record would have gotten moved to Domains Priced Right. I'm still confident it's not a hack as I've gone through this same thing previously myself. Domains Priced Right is run off the same database as the TCH Domain registration system. There is a reason all of the screens look very similar except for the name across the top. It's just the same website with a different skin/name on it.
  3. It has nothing to do with your Hosting accounts (reseller or otherwise) with TCH, only the domain registrations which is completely separate from hosting. TCH used a service to process their Domain Registrations (ie: not hosting stuff, just domain registrations) and I'd venture to guess that something happened to that account. Likely it was accidentally let to expire. It's hard to explain without mentioning who TCH used to sell their domain registrations (again, registrations, not hosting) which I'm not sure they want mentioned yet. Just know it's a large reputable company, just like TCH, and that in my opinion you have no reason security wise to be concerned with TCH or Domains Priced Right.
  4. Bill, I'm quite confident it's not a phishing attempt. I got three emails from them this morning about the same thing with the domains I registered with TCH. I believe the answer is more simple. You let your Domain Reseller account expire. I tried to notify your support team that this was likely the case, but instead I just got a canned response to please visit this forum post. Domains Priced Right is the generic reseller account for the company you use as your domain registration processor. I won't mention the company name here, but if you need to know the reseller, just let me know. When a reseller account with them expires, all of the domains from your reseller account get moved to this generic reseller account, and the customers get an email saying that is now where they'll go to update their domains. I know because this happened to me a couple years ago to my reseller account with them. Hope that helps.
  5. All, I've read the recent cron threads here, but I'm still not exactly sure what I need to do to set this up. I've opened the Cron setup tool in CPANEL and selected the frequency I want the command to run, but I'm still confused as to what to put in for the command. Basically I want it to run a php file like *****/maint/file.php should the command be: GET *****/maint/file.php > /dev/null and is the > /dev/null needed? Thanks for the guidance. Paul
  6. All, Well I got this sorta working using a custom php error page for a 404. Big issue though is that by default, IE will not show custom error pages. There is a setting in IE called "Show Friendly HTTP error messages" and it just shows a generic cannot be found message. Really sucks as this script I wrote works really well, and works fine in Firefox, etc. SO, it looks like I have to go the .htaccess route. Anyone have any idea of I'll have similar issues with that method? Ostrich99
  7. Bruce, Thanks for the link. I think this might get me to where I need to be. If I understand the tutorial write, I think I could just rewrite the URL to pass the subdir they used to another PHP script which does the database access,etc. Time to refresh myself on regular expressions. Too many years of windows programing. Ostrich99
  8. I guess I should clarify too. If I can make the custom error file a PHP file, then I my php skills are probably sufficient. If not, then I'll need some guidance from the group here on how to do this. Ostrich99
  9. All, Instead of creating a bunch of subdirectories, I'd like to be able to rewrite the URL using PHP or some other scripting language. For Example: User enters: http://www.domainname.com/subdir I'd like to strip off the subdir characters, look up a matching record in a mysql database, and then redirect the user to http://www.domainame.com/display/index.php?record=77 where record 77 is the record id of the subdir matched via the database. Not sure if that makes much sense or not. My first thought is using a custom 404 error message to parse this out. Can i make the 404 error message a PHP script? or must it be a .shtml script as that's showing as the default in the control panel. Any other suggestions? ostrich99
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