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  1. Hello I install Powered by phpBB 2.0.11 And I need to update On the cpanel is the option but it dont work or dont now how to Please need help
  2. I have search for a thread where it explains how to use and how it works the Banner option on the server. Can someone help me Thanks
  3. I allready installi and everything It pops up de login and password and I write the correct one and keep on ask it again like it is wrong Mad!!!
  4. SORRY FOR OPENING AN OLD THREAD But I' m setting another stats option I do the same as the first time but know it pops a problem I do'nt know if there is an updated ===Error: Couldn't open config file ====
  6. I have a hosting plan, but I want to use the same hosting for another webpage using another control panel. How can I do this?
  7. And how will I be able to manage? When I enter the CPANEL will be an option or there will be a cpanel only for thes domain?
  8. I purchase 2 domains and 1 Hosting, So I'm gonna redirect one domain to another but the question is this I want that the base domain name of the web site to be numer 1 so I add this domain name to my new hosting plan. BUT I want to manage the mails of the domain number 2 What should I do becouse I need a control panel but the only one I have is the one of DOMAIN 1
  9. Where can I ad a Domain purchase here to some search engines, low$ and quickly? :Nerd:
  10. I also don't know the problem I allready have 2 accounts
  12. I allready tried +xxx.xxxxxx +xxxxxxxxx xxx-xxxxxx xxxxxxxx i don' t know WICH IS THE CORRECT FORMAT and nobody can help with it
  13. i'm trying to purchase a hosting and keep on having the yellow box problem I already have an answer for my ticker but keep on having the problem I ON A HURRY SINCE FRIDAY WHAT IS THE PROBLEMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  14. I can`t get to talk you Anyone that can help????? I`m desesperated I NEED TO GET THIS HOSTING if not I had to get it another place PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  15. I allready done that No solution and I'm on a hurry
  16. I need to get another hosting. But it pops a message that have to update my phone nomber I allready updated but still pop the error I write my number as are code +numer 123+1234567 1231234567 but still PLEASE HELP MEEEEEE I NEED THE HOSTING TODAY
  17. I add a Form on my website and when someone send his info I recibed a mail FROM ( TOTal HOSTING ....@.....) Can I change this mail and put info@my site or something like that?
  18. how can you do that? On permisisons directly on the ftp folder?
  19. thanks TCH This will help Rock Sign And thanks for the welcome I will be asking some questions later
  20. well it will be most to any public but to only one person I'm webmaster at a website and I need that the owner of the site lok at the stats. But I don,t want him to get into de cpanel Only the stats
  21. I can look at my stats from inside my control panel. How can I have a LInk so it can be public son any one to acces it can look at the record stats?
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