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  1. Here is a bizarre one. My advanced guestbook has worked fine. All of the sudden, now when I login, I get the normal choices: Private Messages | Easy Admin | General Settings | Style | Templates | Smilies | Password | Logout HowEver: When I click on ANY of the LINKS, it goes back to the USERNAME/PASSWORD template. (admin.pl) Any ideas? Thank you. .
  2. When First signing up for the reseller it asks for a domain. Do I use a unique one for the overall reseller account, or can I use one of mine that totalchoicehosting already hosts. Thanks. .
  3. Thank you Bill and Don. I believe I will go with it. I have 11 sites/clients I work with scattered across the Internet. Sounds like the reseller is the answer. Also, You are correct about the reseller forum. For some reason the first time I clicked I thought they both asked for a password. Thanks for the great and fast assistance. .
  4. Hello, I am about to maybe, could be, most likely, move into a reseller account. I have a few basic accounts and want to be sure that 1. When they transfer over to a reseller account that they will be intact with all data bases and cgi settings etc... Has anyone done this? 2. I wanted to learn more about the reseller accounts. However, the only sections of this forum on resellers have to have special passwords. Any good FAQs on the reseller accounts other than the main page at: ? http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/web-hosting-resellers.html Thank you all. .
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