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  1. Hi, Thanks for the help.......one more question: I'm using the following format for my cron jobs, but it does not appear to be working: /usr/bin/php -s /home/cpanelID/public_html/myprogram.php Should I use the following format instead? /usr/bin/php -s http://www.mywebsite.com/myprogram.php Thanks again! N~
  2. Hi again, Sorry for all the questions...........I'm a newbie at this cron stuff. If I configured a cron job that utilizes CURL to run a php script at set intervals (say every half hour), would that be considered "command-line" usage, and therefore not allowed at TCH? Thanks for the help! N~
  3. Hi, Follow up question. My script requires a cron job that uses curl. What is the path to curl at TCH? Is it: /usr/bin/curl or /usr/local/bin/curl Thanks! N~
  4. Hi, I see that command line curl is disabled here. So does that mean that CURL is completely unavailable here? I have a software package that requires CURL (libcurl)..........will that not work here? Many thanks for your help! Regards, N~
  5. Ok, here's a dumb question......why would you want to point a domain name to a subdomain name? I assume you mean redirecting users from mysite.com to subdomain.mysite.com?? Sorry, just trying to understand this more clearly. Thanks! N~
  6. Hi, I already have an account here, but am thinking of opening another one for a friend/client. If I open a new basic account, will the account go on one of these new server boxes that was described on another thread? Supermicro SC733i-645 Chassis Supermicro X6DVL-EG Dual Xeon Serverboard 64BIT 2x Intel 2.8Ghz / 800FSB / 2MB cache / EM64T / HT enabled CPU's 2x 160GIG SATA HD 3ware Escalade 8006-2LP RAID controller 1x 160GIG SATA HD Just curious.....appreciate any info. Thanks! N~
  7. Don, Thank you..........!!!! Thats VERY detailed and very helpful! Regards, N~
  8. Hi Lisa, Thanks for the reply! So, just to clarify part of my original question: 2) Server Address is "localhost", yes? Also, I assume that CPanel has a pretty straightforward way to allow me to add a user to the MySql database I added, right? No special tricks or landmines, right? I'm asking because I've not worked with a MySql database before............ Thanks again! N~
  9. Hi, I don't see too many Expression Engine Blog users here, and a search of the archives didn't bring up anything, so I'm asking here. The installation guide for EE requires that I know 4 pieces of information: 1) MySQL Database Name 2) MySQL Server Address (often "localhost" or the server IP address) 3) MySQL Username 4) MySQL Password 1) Do I have to somehow set up a new MySQL database in CPanel and give it a name? Or is there a generic name I have to use? 2) Server Address is "localhost", yes? 3 and 4) Do I use the username and password of my account, or do I have to set new ones up? Many thanks! N~
  10. Hi Everyone, I already signed up, and Rob answered my questions, so I'm handled! Part of the reason I asked, is that one of my web providers has its servers in a data center that has had more than its share of "incidents", and I wanted to make sure TCH was nowhere even near that data center. In checking further, I believe TCH doesn't even use them, so I'm fine! Thanks again everyone! N~
  11. Hello, If I were to open a Starter Plan tonight: - Which of your data centers would I be located in? - What would my Class C subnet be? I'm located in California. Thank you for your help! N~
  12. Hi! Potential customer here - sorry to resurrect an old thread (well 30 days old, anyway)........ The ability to use archived logs is EXTREMELY important to me, as I use a 3rd party log analysis software to study my logs. So, just to clarify, if I use this C-Panel function, the archived logs will simply stack up in my home directory until I delete them, right? Many thanks for your help! Regards, Nordie
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