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  1. I want to add a blog to an existing website, without disturbing the existing site (there's a handy tutorial in the Forum, but its dates 2005). Do I create a folder off the root and identify it when I install Wordpress, or is there a better order to follow? I'm just looking to add a monthly column.
  2. While I completely understand the need for this, I sure wish you had given us more than 24 hours to deal with it. I'm heading off to work now, which means I have to go through my 20+ client accounts tonight (whether or not I had other plans) and deal with this. Some of my clients actually LIKE their AOL (though I can't imagine why) and won't want to learn how to check a POP email box. So I'll have to move their domain AND their account somewhere tonight to be able to deliver the same service tomorrow that they're getting today. A bit more warning from TCH on this measure would have been
  3. I send email out to a few hundred subscribers for a community center in my town. I do this with a great email program (Gammadyne Mailer) from home, via my broadband cable modem connection. I have Gammadyne mailer set to send one at a time, instead of threading them. AOL is blocking them, saying that they don't accept mail from dynamic IPs, which is baloney of course, since if I send just one, it gets through. This is not spam, of course, these are opt-in people who have asked to be kept informed of events at this venue. Is there a way for me to send the mail from one of my TCH sites, sinc
  4. I'm installing my first CGI script, so please be gentle The readme is a bit sparse, and I'm not clear on whether it gets installed INTO the cgi-bin directory OR in the public_html directory OR in the root directory. Any thoughts?
  5. I have several clients (designers primarily, and some advanced amateur photographers) who still don't know have FTP programs, and don't want to install anything, but want to send me files via FTP. Can they just enter ftp.mydomainname.com/myftpdirectory into their browser and have the same access? Is there any tutorial or other post that covers this?
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