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  1. I vote for offer larger outgoing email quantity as an (additional) service to legitamate companies hosted on TCH.
  2. Because of limits in TCH's email per/hour I need to find an outside source to send our forum topic subscription notices out through. Does anyone know of a good company to handle smtp relays like this? Thanks -
  3. the above question re directory visibility was answered by andy. Anything above public_html/files should not be publicly visible. Thanks. Anyone with any ideas re: the other questions would still be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Well, I was able to get it working (by not using the send mail feature), but I am unable to use the "mail logs" or "mail attachment" feature within automysqlbackup . I have the backups being built in a directory I created "backups" in the same directory as "etc" "www" .... Is this directory not publicly visible, even by accident, or would somewhere else be more secure? thank you
  5. I downloaded automysqlbackup and am able to access it using a cron (i put the automysqlbackup into etc/ ). But I am getting this error: etc/.automysqlbackup.sh: line 572: /bin/mail: Permission denied Were you able to successfully run it? And if so, does it matter which directory it resides in? I do receive the cron email (as set up in the cpanel).
  6. The original file I was trying to access was a cgi file called htedit.cgi - I could never get to it through an url (http://www.randallward.com/cgi-bin/htacces/htedit.cgi). I since removed this directory after giving up and using the php script.
  7. I was trying to add a cgi based htaccess manager for restricting access to some directories. I since found a php based solution that is really simple, but still can't figure out why the cgi directory was getting this error. I just put the html page there to test different files than the ones with the htaccess manager. By the way if anyone needs the free php based solution, it is called PHPAccess and is available here: http://www.krizleebear.de/phpaccess/dynami...ex.php?pageID=5 It was amazingly simple and might meet the needs of a lot of members here. Randall
  8. Can't seem to access any files in my cgi-bin by URL. I have set cgi-bin permissions to 755 but still no luck. I get "Internal Server Error" messages. any ideas? Here's a test file: http://www.randallward.com/cgi-bin/test.html Thanks, randall
  9. I was initially skeptical of the lack of phone support before moving over. But I can say that everyone at TCH has been great through the 6 or so months I have been here! The response on help tickets is great and I only have great things to say about the people from TCH. I was previously at a host that offered my company immidiate cell phone access to the head tech guy but I can honestly say I get faster help and response here with better server uptime and better package pricing. These guys have great "family" atmosphere that seems to be more than just hype! BTW, they have also helped move me from one package to another as my needs changed - with ease (at least from my side). Thank you!!! Randall http://www.bluewildyonder.com
  10. I must be missing something but is it possible to put a reference to the new forum location when you move a thread? I keep finding threads in searches that have been moved and it seems that this might make navigating easier? Just a suggestion :} Randall
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