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    Video Games and Computers in general.<br>More specific on the Video Games are MMORPGs such as Everquest. I'm looking forward to Star Wars Galaxies coming out in April.

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  1. You know, I can't remember how long I've hosted my domain with TCH, but it's been a long time. I mean, I'm on server11. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know what a great job Alex did for me this morning. I host my own mail now that I have a static IP at home. In less than an hour after putting in a help desk ticket, Alex had my mail server IP changed on the DNS and updated my MX record. Now that's what I call service. I've seen other hosting sites that offer more space and more bandwidth for just a few bucks more, but I don't need that. And one thing they don't offer is the service you can get here. Kudos TCH!
  2. I can't seem to get access to Cpanel and FTP on Server 11? for my website, www.chris-n-kristi.com. Anyone else having this problem? Nevermind, seems to be intermitant, I can access them now.
  3. Some of my members on my listserv are getting an attachment that is like att01729.txt. It seems to be an email header that their email client can't read properly so it attaches it as an attachment. Is there a way to disable the listserv from sending that part of the header or attaching that to an email?
  4. Cox is now blocking port 25 on their cable modem service in Oklahoma. I just changed my smtp servers to use theirs and that has worked fine. Usually they have it set to accept authentication so that you can login with your ISP username/password and then send mail as any address.
  5. Thanks. That worked almost perfectly. Just one quick note, if you have a custom skin installed that everyone is using, make sure you install that skin first before you move over the DB.
  6. Right now I am running an invision power board on my site for my star wars galaxies player assoiation. Currently, a friend of mine in the PA, is in the process of registering a domain for our PA and setting up our board on the new domain. He's going to probably be hosting here at TCH (thanks to my recommendations ) and I was wondering if there is a way to export my DBs for the current board for the users, posts, forums, etc, and import them into the new DBs on the new board?
  7. When using internet explorer to ftp into something that needs a username and password, you have to do it like this... ftp://username:password@subdomain.domain.com If you don't put the username:password@ in there, it will log on as anon user. TCH Rocks
  8. I turned on hotlink protection on my site. One thing I did was tell it not to block .png files. I have one .png image file that says remote linking forbidden and that still shows up everywhere that someone tries to link. The rest are all blocked.
  9. You can mark all as read using this at the bottom of the main forum page:
  10. Dang Li, you only have 14? You are a lightweight. I have.....*thinking*......at least 20 that I can remember right now....hehe
  11. Ahh, from what I understand, that is not a true email account. It is a catch-all account setup on your domain for any mail that comes to the domain that doesn't have a vaild email. My suggestion is to create a new email account with the same name as you are using for your email. You new email username would be your full email address. Or you could just listen to those that work here and complete a post before I do....hehe
  12. If you go to www.******/cpanel and Under Email there should be a link to Manage Accounts. On the Manage Accounts page, you will find a list of all email accounts you have setup on your domain, just find the one for you, or the only one listed and click the change quota button to adjust your quota limit. If you click the clear button on that form, it changes to unlimited. That should do it.
  13. Muhahahaha! Only the shadow knows!
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