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  1. I actually use electronics to heat my home. I have a very nice network with mixed gigabit to gigabit and bridged into my normal 100 network. 5 battery backup units, 2 4port KVM's, the machine in the picture is my server holding 7 Seagate 120gig drives with 8 meg cache (dynamic disked), each of my other machines has 300-400gigs in them as well. I have many AMD computers, 1 laptop, wireless and the works. 3 capture cards, Geforce Ti4200, Geforce MX460, Geforce 4 MX440's, Ati All IN Wonder Pro's, MSI TV Capture card, and a lot of energy being turned into heat! All running Athlon XP's and some Durons. No intel stuff here! Upstairs network only has 2 computers. I need a better laptop - mine could have had more options! Glad to see you are giving away an Athlon Would fit nice into my network of Athlons! Tried doing a Panoramic shot but didn't feel like installing the software! Total hard drive space in my home - 1.9 Terrabytes! :Nerd: Rock Sign
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