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  1. I've performed a search on these forums and been unable to find this, even though I'm sure it must have been asked before. But I'd like to configure SpamAssassin a bit more than the defaults. Specifically, I'd like to modify the Scores section. Since cPanel lets you do this, but offers no explanation of the scores themselves, I was hoping that somebody could point me in the direction of a guide or some other help file for this.
  2. Thanks! The unpacked file had no extension, I tried renaming it with a *.tar extension and then it unpacked without a problem.
  3. I don't know if this was the correct forum, apologies if not.... But I'm trying to setup webcalendar on my site. The files are only downloadable in a compressed format from the download site. So far, I've uploaded the primary file, which was in *.tgz format. I was able to uncompress this file to another compressed file. This other file is also compressed, but when I tried to "Extract File Contents" via cpanel's file manager, nothing seems to happen. So how can I uncompress this file? My home pc is running WinXP, and isn't able to unpack this file any further than is unpacked on my website directory.
  4. There's a great free script for displaying RSS. It's called Carp, and you can check it out here: http://www.mouken.com/rss/
  5. I've used Microsoft Frontpage a lot, mostly because it comes with my Office suite. But it adds extraneous code, and I always spend a few minutes "cleaning up" the html code when I'm through. I've experimented with Dreamweaver, but haven't used it enough to get real comfortable with it. Notepad is really good for just touching up bits of code. I know people who have written long pages of html with it... but that's a little too much work for me.
  6. No, still don't see it. Here's a screen shot of my cPanel (minus my IP info): edit: REMOVED SCREENSHOT DUE TO PROBLEM RESOLVED
  7. No, the cPanel has a welcome to me (Welcome xantee.net!) and shows the IP I am logging in from, but no reference to a server. However, I do think I ran across my answer. While examing the headers on one of my emails, it does show received from server58.totalchoicehosting.com, so I guess my website is hoted on server58, right?
  8. I know it must be in here someplace, but I haven't found an answer to this. Nothing in my welcome email or cpanel tells me which server I'm on, so how can you tell?
  9. Back in December last year I started looking for a new webhost to move my site to. I considered TCH and in the end chose another company. The choice was due to prices and a slightly higher rating of the other company. Bad decision. After suffering for a few months of server sluggishness, scripts not working right, and webmail not working properly I decided to try out TCH. So far everything is going smoothly, all the problems I had with my other host have miraculously disappeared, and customer service is fast and efficient. If everything continues this well, I'll soon be switching from a monthly plan to an annual one. Thanks for the great service. Vic
  10. I submitted the support ticket, and support got me up and running.
  11. I was trying to install hamweather on my site along with a plugin for displaying weather stickers. The display requires php with GD support. Won't work on my site, and the GDsupport test fails. Is GD support missing, and is there anything that can be done to get it going?
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