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  1. Hi everyone, I just had a quick question that I was hoping someone could help me with. I have a website, http://www.knbgraphics.com and I wanted to add a page for my customers to be able to upload files. I need a verstaile script/program that allows me to control certain things: file types, file sizes, I want users to have to login with a unique username and password, and I want each customer to have a different upload directory. Does anyone know of a free script or an inexpensive one that will give me this kind of functionality? Thanks a lot, Nicole
  2. Hey Everyone, This is actually my first post even though I have been using Total Choice Hosting for my website for 2 years and just renewed for a third. Thanks TCH. This seemed like a good time to make my first post though. I have two pictures because my setup is rather large, I like to be comfortable when I work. First I have my tower and projector on one end of my bedroom (not the greatest picture of me below) and then there is the 100" diagonal screen for the projector at the other end of my room. Great for gaming and design, but not too good for word processing. ~Nicole
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