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  1. Oh that was fast Mike... it looks like the new T1 connection is already giving off it's results!
  2. To the one with 1.9terabytes - You are really excessive man that we can say that you are screwed up like a harddisk in a raid! To the one who wants a dual monitor: Man things are really cool with dual monitor but let me tell you taht you get twice radiation to your eyes taht way .. and it is not healthy for your neck also! ... but is is kinda cool ... although i have 4 monitors here i use 1 most of the time... but plan to get 3 of them in my new house... also if i could squeeze that to 2 workstations but my future wife will actually kill me as she already accepted a workstation in the kitchen and a computer room in our house... i should do more work there! To the tch guru ... when are u thinking of chosing the winner? Be warned that the more you take the less it will be worthed when u give it.
  3. Hello Everyone at tch! I am new here! - got my two accounts on tch and got 3 domains too! These guys are great.. especially on the live help which i use lots:) My first posting here will be this competition This is my picture! - (does anyone beat me on the number of monitors :?)
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