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  1. Well, the emails I get bounced back are all from my domain, different usernames but they all are @jlgh.com I have done a full virus scan with Norton 2004 every 2-3 days, and both Norton and Trend-Micro show my PC clean. I've used "The Cleaner" and some other anti-trojan software, and they have found nothing. Btw, I have two other websites hosted at TCH, but I've had no problems at all with both of them. I'll send you a PM, thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm having the same problems Depco has... lots and lots of bounced mail which I didn't send. At first I tracked the senders and emailed their ISP, but now I get hundreds of bounced emails a day. Just a moment ago, I finished checking my email and there's 270+ bounced emails Do I have to report each one to APNIC? And what about those emails sent from other places, like Europe or the USA? Do I need to keep emailing the "abuse" emails of all those ISP's?? I don't want my domain to be in any blacklist, and if hotmail or yahoo block my domain, my email would be, for all practical porpuses, ki
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