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  1. This is getting really complicated... let's make it simple and just give the computer to ME !
  2. Lianna; NetworkSoloutions finally started allowing changes to the .ORG's last week. I had to go in and request the DNS changes again but they propogated within 24-48 hrs like normal. I was able to use Fronpage 2000 in a normal manner from that point on. I'm a happy camper. -Ed-
  3. Glad yours is working Wayne! I have a .ORG domain and it still hasn't propagated due to a global change in the .ORG registrars.... So I'll have to wait awhile longer to play with my new toy! -Ed-
  4. Thanks Bill... If I were to obtain FP2002, would that allow me to access the files via FP prior to domain propagation.... I'm worried that my ".ORG" domain will take several more days to cross over... Thanks again... -Ed-
  5. I guess that is what I would up doing... I got the web to transfer with FrontPage (doing a ftp upload) but.... have we yet figured out how to access the web page with FP2000 before the domain propagates? Wayne; are you saying that FP2000 will not open an http:// session with an IP addressed site? Thanks, -Ed-
  6. Lianna - Yes I am using FP2000. I'm not sure why this would go away... so should I go ahead and open a ticket? -Ed-
  7. I talked with support via chat (think it was Saturday) and they suggested uploading to the /www folder... after I read a few more things on the forums I found the /www is just anouther view of the /public_html folder so I uploaded it there. I can view the site okay now, with it loaded to the /public_html folder but I can't edit (open) it under FP2000.... -Ed-
  8. Fantastic Site. Great Photos.
  9. I have signed up - received my welcome message - tried to upload my current web page with FrontPage 2000 to: and FrontPage said that the FrontPage extensions were not there (I had already enabled them via cpanel) but, FP DID allow me to load to a ftp site so I put in: and the ftp seems to have uploaded okay.... But, I can't seem to open the web with FrontPage... I've tried: and and http://server10.totalchoicehosting.com/~ed.meyer/ all with no luck.... Error message from FP says The folder ... isn't accessible. The folder may be located on an unavailable volume or protected with a password... (It never gives me a chance to enter a password... ) Anyway, my domain change has not propagated yet and maybe this problem goes away when it does propagate, but it doesn't seem like that alone would solve things.... Am I doing something wrong? Should I delete the files from the new site and start over again? (I've done that 3 times.... ) Thanks.... -Ed-
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