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  1. I haven't looked at your code closely, but... Absolutely positioning between IE and Mozilla (and Safari) are a couple pixels off. This is because, as I understand it, one browser sets the absolute by the HTML tag, the other by the BODY tag. While this shouldn't make a difference, it does. There are also differences if you start using borders, padding, margins, and so on - each browser handles the additional space that each element takes up a bit differently. You can try setting your HTML and BODY tags to have borders of 0. If that doesn't work, then you may want to change how you're do
  2. My first visit to the site was today. Its not a bad design. Simplicity goes a long way with me. However, the navigation could be cleaned up a bit - that's not so much of a design issue as it is interface. The words "Web Hosting" appear all to often in the nav items, causing them to blend together when you're looking quickly for information. Also, maybe some different colors or background or something to separate each nav section, again to prevent them from blending all together. That said, I liked that fact that the site wasn't covered in stock art - there was some, but not enough to
  3. Sounds good. Its only a small number of videos for a limited audience - all legal, and all family friendly. Mostly just video clips taken while playing computer games. On our current host we're using something like 7gb of bandwidth a month - whats the cost if we were to exceed our monthly quota? Thanks again, Kris PS - I just got my account notification for the other site I maintain - thanks for the fast service!
  4. Hi there, I've already made the decision to move one of the sites I'm responsible for to TCH. I have a second one that I'd also like to transfer, but that one is a tad more complicated. Does TCH have any restrictions for the types of files that can be hosted on the web server? For example, some of the other hosts I've checked into don't allow movie files (mov, avi, etc) or audio files (mp3, wav), or if they do allow them its an extra fee. Thanks kindly, Kris
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