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  1. OK let me revise that..... Its now blocking it but NOT using the .html script I told it to use..... Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@XXXXX and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handl
  2. Its not working..... Can I talk to one of you TCH people off the forum? because I dont really want to give out the URL of the guy causing me trouble and direct traffic his way just cause people want to see what I am talking about. I did everything exactly as stated but its not forbidding access.....
  3. Hmmm there is no .htaaccess file How do i generate one or make one
  4. That would be my first knee jerk reaction to do, however I have learned that that doesnt stop the really determined jerks who want to mess with you. Its almost a challenge to them. I will try my hand at this and let you all know.....many thanks
  5. OK I will try this later today and let you know my success.. Sorry about delay, Ihad to man the BBQ (Tri-Tip) I do appreciate the response and help.....
  6. UH........scratching head......thats over my head.... How do you do that
  7. bellringr I have already thought of that, but feel it the last resort. I don;t need people to be burdened with MY problems if I can resolve them. I need to find a way to convert the website he is on to a numeric value so I can block it with my CPanel. Anyone know how or where to find such a conversion program
  8. Without going into a lot of explanation, this guy was banned from several sites and now has started his own program. No problem however, He is using my site to give people on his website information on how to set up. He asks for money. I have tried blocking the site but the site does not resolve to an IP
  9. I tried and it wont resolve to an IP? How do i find the numeric value
  10. This guy has not asked my permission to use my website for HIS information and he profits from it. How can I stop him? I have already asked politely and he has told me to ***** off and told me I can delete my website as he never removes links. Is there a way to block him?
  11. No site that I know of......he belongs to a msg board I frequent where i do a lot of the tech support for people there who have no computer skills so I provide "tutorials" and I made the mistake of using one of my domains here for one. He then proceeded to harrass me on the boards because I had a different opinion than he did. He is one of those jerks you always find on a msg board. Thats why i wanted to figure out his IP....so I can report him. The webmaster on the msg board refuses to help as it would "set precident". partial ISP is dyn.optonline.net
  12. Thanks all for the imput Rock Sign I did stop the hotlinking.....and only asked about the right clicking issue because this guy threatened more actions because i stopped the hotlinking: So I just figured I would try to get ahead of the game and prevent him doing this
  13. thanks all for your imput......i will read up on everything suggested. I only caught the guy hotlinking cause its the same msg board I visit. I did ask him nicely and he told me go to *** myself. But I did point out that my pages did have a disclaimer and needed MY permission. He tried to sound as if he didnt care but he changed IP's.....which I also pointed out to him and the rest of the board......who until that time "looked up to him" He made a total I AM A SPAMMER of himself over this. One last question. On CPanel where is this information that someone is hotlinking?
  14. there are far to many pictures for me to do that what javascript can do this
  15. got that done...... is there a way here to stop them from right clicking on a picture and downloading it?
  16. How do you stop someone from hotlinking on your website and using your bandwidth? Is there a way to stop them from copying pictures and hotlinking? Can Total Choice notify the user of the abuse?
  17. So how does one go about finding out what the total usage is on their account? I also got such an email and my account is 450mg I dont think I have come near that usage
  18. I will read up on this and see if i got my answers I appreciate the link
  19. i have an existing domain name so registering the way you linked is not doable I did not purchase thru Total Choice Is there a setting or something else ?
  20. Is there a way for people doing domain search to not be able to see your address and name of who owns the domain name?
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