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  1. Since I moved here I've been browsing quietly & very occasionally posting, so I thought I ought to apply for Family membership, since TCH is definitely a great family So, the facts you need to know so you can check me out............ 1 & 2. Darian Web Design & Graphics & Darian Border Collies 3. I offer custom design, shareware templates, PSP brushes & tutorials. Plus I breed, show & judge Border Collies. 4. 2 sides to the site so part commercial, part hobby. 5. The site is entered via a splash page, so I have a link back to TCH on each main page: http://darianbc.com/gallery.htm http://darianbc.com/bcs/BCsmain.htm
  2. I browsed the forum before I posted & I certainly got the family feeling!! It's very reassuring to know I can bring a problem in here & get such a great response, but then I've noticed that happens all the way through with TCH. It was the best move I've ever made My osC progress has been put on hold while I'm busy with a site design for someone, but I'll be back to it as soon as I can make the time. Teddy's just as cute now he's a 2 year old as he was in my avatar pic btw
  3. Thanks Dick - that makes me a happy bunny I followed your steps & success!! Now once I've fed the dogs & got them settled I can dig in for the evening & start the next stage of the learning process
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys And thanks for the tip on setting up - I'll give that a go! Once I've achieved the cart in a subdomain, can the rest of my site stay .htm rather than it all having to go over to .php? If it has to become .php I'm going to be lost again Sorry to keep asking the same questions, but I'm on a pretty steep learning curve here - I may be back with more for you
  5. I apologise if this has been asked before - I've looked through the topics & found partial answers but not all of what I need to know I would like to add a cart to my site but only for one section. What I don't want is to convert the whole site into a shopping cart & I've discovered some carts are really complete CMS, which is not for me. So, if I create a subdomain, can I install the cart there & simply link to it from the relevent page on my main site? I ought to say right here that php & mysql are new ground for me - you have before you a total newbie to them! I did manage to create the mysql database & arrange a shared SSL certificate though, so I'm learning Thanks for any advice you can give. I had a look at Zen Cart which seems terrific, but their support team advised I ought to have my whole site switched to php & powered by zcart *Edit* I created the subdomain but attempting to install osCommerce from my cPanel Addon Scripts - it tells me I have to use a top level directory & won't install in the subdomain. Hmm.....any help gratefully accepted!
  6. Well now, if I said I was happy to be here I wonder what the response would be? A deafening chorus of *Me too! Me too!* I would guess My old host was phasing out her services owing to family problems & I needed to get out of there in a big hurry. TCH was recommended to me & oh boy was this ever a good move to make!! As you might guess from the subtitle I have nothing but praise for the guys who made my change of location so painless. Over the next week or two I'm bringing in the sites I manage, too - it'll be great to have everything under such a safe roof
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