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  1. We have a solution! If you care to call it that My client panicked at the mere idea of having to do anything herself & asked me to remove the guestbook. Problem solved. Perhaps the next time a client asks for a guestbook I'll do the Lazarus install right from the outset!
  2. I'll have a look at it - thanks Don! I suspect my client won't want to be involved in moderating messages & frankly I don't have the time available to run that part of her site...... hence wanting to amend the visitors' options a little rather than install a different script
  3. One of my clients' guestbooks has started to be spammed & a couple of changes to the message entry options would help her a lot. I wonder if any of you script gurus out there can give me some pointers please? I don't want to install anything fancy since she's not up to speed with managing scripts (it's not my strongest suit either - I hit the upgrade button late last night & had to ask the Help Desk to put the resulting mess right a few seconds later. Yikes!!). All I'm looking to do at this point is to stop anyone adding comments to existing messages plus stopping anyone including
  4. Ah - I was being dense - too much Christmas cheer!! Thank you Thomas, the link works perfectly & the description you've added is exactly what I hoped for
  5. Thanks Thomas! Although I'm not sure what you mean by verifying that it looks/works as expected?
  6. I've been away from the forums for a while but I'm back with another site, this time for a new family business. I'd really appreciate if it could be added please URL: http://www.therightstreet.com Site name: therightstreet.com Description: A definitive map guide to Stratford-upon-Avon and its surroundings for tourists, business people, RSC theatre goers, shoppers and local inhabitants. Simple, user-friendly maps detail tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, shops, local services & more. The site is commercial. The linkback is here: http://www.therightstreet.com/stra
  7. I've always automatically sent a thank you reply - only afterwards did I wonder if I was supposed to The help desk has always been right on the ball
  8. Well what can I say other than I bought 2 new domain names last night & in less than an hour they'd been parked on my existing domain & it's all systems go - I'm breathless!!
  9. Yes he is! Books that hold you spellbound - often literally ) I've read The Lovely Bones too, Marie B. Fascinating concept & a good read
  10. It seems The Da Vinci Code is a top read just now I got it for Christmas & enjoyed it so much I've just read Digital Fortress by the same author. Also High Fidelity by Nick Hornby (since I love the film) & currently reading The Elder Gods by David & Leigh Eddings.
  11. WooHoo!! Welcome to 'the Old Country'
  12. I have a large number of fonts in a folder on my HD, although I recently weeded them out & reduced them to about 1500. Ruthless Only the original fonts that came with Windows are actually installed - I browse myfolder/subfolders for what I want to use & open it then minimise it. That way it appears in my list for the duration & I'm not slowing down the loading of any program You can use a font program (there are several that I'm sure people here will have advice on for you) but this way works fine for me.
  13. Hey there JJ It's Teddy - don't you recognise the tan bits?!! Kate is black & white
  14. Opera is one of the 5 I use for testing templates, but I haven't seen anything to make me use it as my default. It's good but not better than.........
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