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  1. I dont know if you guys unblocked it, but it has been crawling my website for a couple hours. I did a search on the IP, found out it was this bot, and searched in google... Funny seeing my hosting company in the first 2 pages of search results. I was getting hammered by IP I don't care too much either way since I don't use all my bandwidth anyways. But I may block it
  2. Thank you it is now working correctly for everyone! We are grateful! TCH ROCKS
  3. I am not sure where the best place to put this thread in, so sorry If i put it in the wrong place. Anyways on my PHPBB forum some poeple have been having problems using the features. For example, one member has a problem sending PMs they get this error msg "Not Acceptable An appropriate representation of the requested resource /forum/privmsg.php could not be found on this server." Some other people have issues adding images to their posts or changin pictures in avatars. They get this msg "Not Acceptable An appropriate representation of the requested resource /forum/profile.php could not be found on this server." Now I posted on PHPBB support forums and they replied with "An email or call to Totalchoicehosting is in order. They would seem to have put in mod_security with a bad rule set. Ask them when they are planning on correcting that situation." I also did some other research, and pretty well everyone with the same sort of problem is because of mod_security. Is there anyway you can look into this? I am on server40. domain is www.clanlc.com I had this problem with phpbb version 2.0.13 but upgraded to 2.0.19 and still same problems.
  4. I just logged into CPanel today and it says Disk space available: Unlimited Megabytes Although this would be awesome to have, I thought I would bring it to your attention if you did not know about it.. Im on server 40.. and i supposidly have the 1 gig space plan.
  5. Alright, i have noticed that you guys increased the space and bandwidth on all your plans... do these changes just effect new customers? or all customers? Because I have the 'Silver Plan'.. but i still only have 500 megs of space.. im not sure if i got the increase in bandwidth or not though.
  6. heheh yeah i understand.. man looks like the people are really gobling up bandwidth fast.. have no clue why:( cause i may have to upgrade my package sometime soon.
  7. Well, i have been getting TCH for about 1/2 year now, and all i can say is AMAZING. Awesome customer support, very fast network and machines, and amazing prices! Also, this month we used up all our bandwidth today.... I wasnt sure what the problem was (but i suspected that it was the bandwidth) and asked a customer support person why it was down.. Sure enough it was cause I used up all the 10 gigs of bandwidth.. but instead of him just leaving me hanging there... the tech support gave me an extra gig of bandwidth for this month so i could make it threw until then end... for free! Thats right, they respect us sooo very much, that they would give me enough free bandwidth so i could make it threw the rest of the month THANK YOU TCH!
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