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  1. is now in my logs as having Twiceler for the user agent.
  2. I was suspended twice today, and currently still am (awaiting someone processing the Ticket). After a long search for why MY code was broken, it's turned out to be because I was being hammered every second of every hour of every day since the first of the month. It wasn't my code at all. It wasn't my fault, but they caused my account to get suspended. I highly recommend everyone look at this page: http://cuill.com/twiceler/robot.html and add the IP addresses shown there into their cpanel 'IP deny' feature, as well as a robots.txt that includes: User-agent: Twiceler Disa
  3. Ah, so they were hidden - I thought I was overlooking them somehow. I found the two I needed ans subscribed. Thanks.
  4. Is that something that actually exists, or something that used to exist? I saw one reference in here where the recommendation was to be subscribed to 'your server forum', but I don't see anything that seems to have any such topic.
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