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  1. I run fullbackup.php on several domains at TCH using cron jobs, and for the pastcouple weeks, one of them has been failing every day with the error: I've verified that all the login information and CPanel theme are correct, and I haven't made any changes to the site or script that should've caused this. Strangely, it worked once when I manually ran it a day or two ago, though manually running it today has failed over and over. I'd appreciate any input. Dave
  2. This is a great script, but I'm running into a problem. When I run the script, it creates the backups in the directory where the script is located. However, it will neither e-mail the backups nor upload them to FTP. I even set the permissions everywhere to 777. It's only in public_html for testing purposes. Any ideas? Thanks! EDIT: TCH-Bruce - removed user sensitive data
  3. Hi, I currently use a TCH-provided script to generate full backups on a weekly basis. After my TCH server crashed this morning, I learned weekly isn't enough, but all I really need to backup nightly is my MySQL data (10MB) instead of the entire site (700MB). Is there a way to automate nightly backups of just the databases? Thanks Dave
  4. Thanks anyway Bruce. I'll see if any answers come and then get the support desk back.
  5. Same thing.... "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading" right at 60 seconds. In this case it's not really a php script--it doesn't have any php to it. I read about this happening when cgi has its own time limit set, but I have no clue if there's such a thing. I dunno....
  6. The php variable, yes, and that was great until today. Is that what you're referring to, Bruce? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm having a real problem with an HTML form when uploading large files, as of today. Yesterday, uploading a 5mb file with the form was not a problem (thanks to setting a couple php variables in .htaccess), but today the script always times out at 30 seconds. So after talking to the help desk, who says it's on my end, I set up the most simple script possible at www.midsouthtalent.com/test.php but it still times out (this one at 60 seconds). Any ideas as to why the thing times out? Feel free to try to upload a file around 8mb or larger--nothing is set to happen on executio
  8. Hi, I currently have a number of shared accounts with TCH. One of these accounts frequently exceeds the 50GB/month limit, and more importantly has been crashing the server due to excessive mySQL load (thanks to a very active phpBB forum). I'm considering upgrading to a semi-dedicated server. Given the mySQL load problems, is it likely that going from a shared host with a few GB of RAM to a semi-dedicated wtih 512MB or RAM will be enough? How easy is the transition from shared to semi-dedicated? Will you move my files/databases or is that my responsibility? Thanks!! Dave
  9. Re: the problem with the lines running together, make sure there's a nl2br($body) in there somewhere. As for e-mails not sending, I'm having the same problem. Whether I set e-mails to be sent to each DB address separately or add them all as Bcc's, some addresses get the e-mails and most don't.
  10. Pardon the bad math. But that was the answer I was looking for... that the servers are not intended to put through that extra bandwidth and possibly slow them down. Thanks. However, prior to that reasoning, I found it unnecessary because I didn't see why I should need to go through the rerouting to move 10gb of traffic (for which TCH is getting 4 bucks) when it seems more customer-friendly to allow me to have that same 10gb of traffic on my current account at the same rate. Again though, if it would put a strain on the servers if folks made regular practice of this, I'm satisfied.
  11. Okay, guess I'll just do it the hard way and rerout traffic to a $4 account. Seems like an unnecessary hassle given that I only need extra bandwidth for one month. I'd gladly have paid a little more but $2.50/gig is a joke.
  12. Not possible unfortunately. I have the 50gb plan and there is no plan that allows 60gb.
  13. Hello, Curious as to whether there's some rationale behind charging $2.50 for each extra GB of bandwidth when it costs $.40 per GB as a separate account. In other words, I know I'm going to blow out my bandwidth for this month, and it sounds like TCH will be charging me $40 for going over by 10gigs when I could just set up another account (or redirect to one of my other accounts) and get that for $4. I don't get it.... Not even a prepurchase option or something?! Thanks Dave
  14. Great! Thanks for the quick reply!
  15. Hi, I couldn't find any mention of this on the forums, and I may just be way behind the times, but is it true that the new(?) throughput (etc) limitations listed on TCH's Web site have already been applied to existing accounts? For example, does my 17.95 account now have a 50gb limit instead of 20gb. Thanks!! Dave
  16. Hi, A family member is trying to use a SMTP associated with my TCH account and is getting messages about her IP being blacklisted by spamhaus.org. I checked with spamhaus.org and traced it to a CBL block. I found this on the CBL site (cbl.abuseat.org): Is it possible that this is causing the block? Thanks!
  17. I changed the score to 6.5 but I'm still losing e-mails to the filter and tons are getting through. I want to disable the Bayesian thing completely. Can anybody tell me how to do this in CPanel? Thanks
  18. Hi, I use Spam Assassin to filter tons of spam, but during the past week or two, it's been marking lots of legitimate mail as spam. In every one of these instances, it's been because of a high Bayesian spam score. How can I disable Bayesian filtering? I don't quite understand the instructions associated with "Score" in the Spam Assassin configuration tool. Thanks! Dave
  19. Hmmmmm... I kept looking for references to "www." that shouldn't be there and at the .htaccess files, but no luck. This is what the .htacccess file has: And the passwd file has nothing but the user and encrypted password. Does that mean it has to be something on the back end? Thanx
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