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  1. Hey, Im having problems sharing files on my network, all the PCs (6 ish of them) are running Win XP and one on Win98 (plus one running Mandriva). We seem to have general problems with people being able to see or not see eachother, they are pretty much fixed (i.e you either can or cant see somewhere). Also seem to have the same problems if i have a server (like a message thing) on one of the PCs which u cant see thier files it also wont work. sorry if thats a big confusing :S bascally i was wondering if someone can give me any things to check on all the PCs, like general networl trouble shooting because i cant specify what is causing the problem. Normal internet works fine on all of the computers. We connect 3 computers into a router (then the internet) and the others into a hub then into the router.
  2. My site (www.patabugen.co.uk) uses alot of php includes, theres one for the header and footer on each page, then another 2 in the header. I have so many to make the styles work nicely. Recently iv had (personally and reportedly) problems with the pages, with some bits not being included/loaded. Everything else on the site seems to work fine (the sites on subdomains etc). Also the visitor stats ( http://extremetracking.com/open;unique?login=pieisgud ) have gone crazy, recording one visitor in a day then jumping to ~200 and back to 1 missing days inbetween :S Any ideas what the problem could be? It suddnly started hapening - i dont recall changing anything related to the site recently...
  3. Enter thy shed Far View Ozzy came out to say hi =] see an MSN Messenger trained rat... cool eh! Thumbs Up ( check out the rest of the shed )
  4. I think i understand what it is your after... A Great place to learn HTML, and now CSS and javascript although i havnt used that one yet, is: http://davesite.com its briliantly written and at the end of each short chapter theres a place to try out what youve learnt so far. personally iv found the best way to learn is to find someone who is A) Cool and B)knows whatever it is you wanna know and learn from anywhere u can find stuff, like pscode.com or viewing other peoples html and if u get stuck ask your friend.
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