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  1. Hi Andy, I tried to copy your site, I used HTTrack. It copied all the pages but most of them with Access Denied message. Thanks alot, this is what I am looking for. Cool solution. Thank you Andy.
  2. Hi Lianna, Thanks a lot. The link is very nice I was looking for something like that. But still, this will not prevent website copiers, but it will prevent copying the code. This is good. Thank you.
  3. Hi Andy, I tried to copy using HTTRACK, I copied all the pages. Many of them are with Error message. Access Denied...etc. Cool solution Thanks a lot Andy
  4. Thank you all, Andy, I will take a look at the code, thanks. The book is not actually for downloading. It will be a webpage with an address something like http://www.mysite.com/guide/index.htm. When the user goes there he/she will have to read the book online. They will have a left menu and a right frame where they can view the pages. It is like the MSDN library of Microsoft Website. Thanks a lot Tom
  5. Dear all, I have created an HTML book using JavaScript and HTML. It took me a long time to complete it. The book is on my site. How can I protect it from being copied by any of the Website Copiers. The book is not on my site for download. It is a kind of HTML page with a panel and pages to the right. It consists of two frames. I tried using HTTRACK and Teleport Pro and could copy my book with all the images, *.js files, HTML pages ...etc. How can I protect all this effort that I have done. If I use a frames page and put my HTML Page in one of the frames, would this help? Thanks a lot Tom
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