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  1. Thanks - great service as usual. Why was I stupid enough not to find the thread myself?
  2. I have a feeling this is a common question but I can't find the answer! How do I ftp some files to a new domain before propagation. My welcome email as a reseller was years ago and has long been lost Many thanks John
  3. I have a client hosting a cubecart based shopping site selling embroidery kits. We now wish to add some patterns in pdf format, which is easy with cubecart. Our problem is where to put the files; Cubecart recommends using the server root path (/usr/local/vhosts/www.domain.com/downloads/filename). Is this possible, and, if so, how do I access? Thanks in advance
  4. One of my clients wants to build an ecommerce site using prestashop (free). It's new to me; has anybody tried it? I'm looking for feedback before I start investing time in a new package. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks, I thought it was something like that. Nice to have it explained in detail. Problem put to bed.
  6. I have a corporate client hosted on TCH. Staff, when absent from the office, use horde to access their email. One staff member this week was using a computer in a client's office and could not log into horde (after typing www.domain.com/webmail there was no response - normally one is prompted for username and password) Problem was solved by entering http://www.domain/sqmail/src/webmail.php and using squirrel. My question is why she could not get into the webmail directly - is it a firewall issue? Not Urgent, but thanks anyway John
  7. Hi Yes, from a normal browser, everything as one would expect. On the 3G phone thing (with which I am not familiar - a phone for me is for telephoning...) I tried accessing 3 different cubecart sites, with the same error result when logging into admin. Thus concluded problem lies with Windows mobile and/or server settings Thanks John
  8. I have just set up a cubecart site for a client and it functions perfectly for me. However, the client, for reasons unknown has jettisoned his Windows XP machine in favour of a handheld 3G phone running Windows Mobile. On this, we can access the site with no problems, but cannot access the admin section - after logging in we get the following error : Not acceptable - An appropriate representation of the requested resource /admin/login.php could not be found on the server An internet search shows this is probably due to the apache server settings. Can anyone advise how to overcome (or even workaround) the problem. Thanks in advance John
  9. I too think it looks good - but please bin the Flash! Those of us without broadband/ADSL have to sit and wait for the thing to load before we can navigate the site. Flash is fine in its palce, but not for the main menu on TCh
  10. Ok, let's put it to bed! I tried the install on another domain and all went well. It wasn't a password issue - I made sure that was ok with the values sent to me by cpanel. let us put it down to gremlins! Thanks for all the prompt help. John
  11. OK I installed OSCommerce from control panel to th following URL: www.hayesis.com/presta There is nothing to see - I put it on hold when I could not access admin. Maybe I should delete it all in ftp and start again
  12. Hi I just set up oscommerce on one of my domains as I need to get a shopping cart up and running for a client. No problems - except I can't get into the admin bit. Firefox just flashes up the username/password window again; IE allows the user name but rejects the password. Can U help?
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