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  1. I was looking to get some ideas as to what search terms I should use for this site? Thank you Tim
  2. Has anyone used this software and does it really work?
  3. Scott, It is on the Friends page which is link to the home page on the bottom right hand side. If you would like me to put a banner about that text link I will place both of them there. I was hoping that you would write it. Also can you review the site and give me your suggestions. Thank you, Tim
  4. Ok Scott Thank you I moved to not even on the first 5 pages under that term which is really weird. Tim
  5. Scott, I was number 4 under the term southern california printing and I lost that and did not change anything on my site? Tim
  6. Thank you for the ideas and also that the page was messed up I will get that fixed. Anyone have an idea why I got dropped from Google Yest. It was really weird. If you have any ideas let me know. Thank you Tim www.4tce.com
  7. Can you please add TCE to the family page. Can you also review the site for me please. Thanks Scott Tim www.4tce.com
  8. Take a look at my website any suggestions on how to rank higher on the search engines? www.4tce.com Thank you, Tim
  9. Tim389


    Thank you guys for the help..... That program worked great...... Thank you, Tim
  10. Tim389


    I am looking for a program out that will compress alot of images that i have like 30,000. They are in jpeg format. Anyone have any ideas what program I could use?
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