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  1. Thank heavens. And thanks for the prompt attention to this. I appreciate it.
  2. I got a disturbing email this morning, asking me to login to a website with my tch info, saying that all my domains are now hosted through Domains Priced Right. Is this legit? I see no announcement here or anywhere on the site, and no discussion either. Please tell me this is a phish.
  3. Someone needs to delete/update/disable this thread as I just spent two hours trying to make this work only to find out that cpanel proxies are no longer allowed at TCH.
  4. Fixed it the first time. Damn, you're good. Thanks again.
  5. Hi. I have three different sites with TCH and the newest one, created on 19 July, is having problems. My other two sites work fine with Dreamweaver MX, but the new one, Dreamweaver can't seem to find the server time. And it tries every time it changes a folder. Any ideas? I tried support already but they told me it wasn't a server problem, but a 3rd party app problem. Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help. Lynn
  6. My site has gone 403 Forbidden on me this morning. I set up a new ftp account last night, and that's working fine this morning. I hope I didn't screw something up. Can someone please advise? (And unfortunately, I'm behind a corporate firewall and can't access my cpanel from this location.) Thanks for the help, L.
  7. Thanks Don. I can tell you I've gotten more help in the first five minutes of being here than I probably did in the last year from my old host. That much is a relief. Again, thanks for the warm welcome and I'll let you know how the move goes. I've never shifted a full domain before. It should be exciting. Cheers, L.
  8. Okay, thanks. Then it must be the firewall. ::grumble:: Have a good holiday and thanks for the help, L.
  9. Okay, ticket closed. ::perplexed:: I think I gave the wrong user name (digitalc instead of dcarrion), but I'm still getting the 404 for my cpanel. I don't even get to a place where I can enter a login. I'm outta here at noon PST, so I can try it again from home, but I'm pretty sure it's not a firewall issue, because I'm getting the standard "The page cannot be displayed" error, not what I usually get when I hit a site that's blocked. L.
  10. I opened a ticket. I am using the IP address (I haven't transferred the domain name yet) and I'm just getting a big ol' 404 for both the cpanel and the whm. Thanks and again, thanks for working on Christmas Eve. It's really appreciated. L.
  11. Hiya, I'm a brand new customer, got my account confirmation email and so far, there's nothing on my cpanel page. I know it's right before the holiday. Should I wait a few days before I expect to see anything? Thanks, Lynn www.digitalcarrion.com (formerly with Xeran Hosting, left due to gross incompetence, glad to be a part of the TC family now!)
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