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  1. it is active but after i select it , it appears again but grayed...
  2. yes something like updating it. but the problem now is how to resume uploading of a file,,
  3. i m using cute ftp, sure we have our copyrights for this mp3 files.
  4. Hi i want to ask when i try to upload any file like mp3 or asf it cant be ressumed so y? and if there a way to make them resumable.
  5. Happy Birth Day Head Guru I hope for you a very Happy year and thanks for the good job on server 4.
  6. Hi all i would like to ask do you offer any php acceleration suites on your servers? Like Zend.com or http://www.phpaccelerator.co.uk/ (free)
  7. Hi all please every one who know something in the security of websites and protection against hackers could advice me?
  8. what other methods do u accept ?
  9. There is a Good Software for hosting companies Named Site Studio it enable the user to make a professionl looking website with the browser only and its license is not Expensive for a hosting company i hope *****hosing.com get it. you can find it here http://www.psoft.net/SS/site_studio_info.html Also you can see a demo here http://www.psoft.net/SS/site_studio_demo_page.html
  10. yes it support this space it is exactly 1245 MB
  11. Hi i want to ask if i have a huge website of about 1.2 Gb and i am using normal dial up account how can i upload it for ur servers it ll take agesss Can i send it to you on cds? and you put it on my account.
  12. I am wondering about the best service that you will like to be on a website
  13. I can make it for you only send me the information that you want to collect and i ll make for you a php script and mysql database for free. _________________________________________________________________________________ I love Helping People
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