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  1. I need to send my customers (I'm a reseller) their stats every month. Any suggestions? They are not computer literate enough for me to show them how to check the stats themselves.
  2. When I upload files using Dreamweaver, it reduces the file size. I only noticed this because, sometimes it won't upload my common.js file correctly. I have to use WS FTP to get get it to upload correctly. Any idea what causes this? It reduces the file size of every file, but most other files appear to work correctly.
  3. What's with this memory standard? I've been seeing statements like this on sites recently and it's making me scared to buy memory online. Anybody know anything about this? How serious is this? (32X4) is a new standard. 256mb with 16 chips on the module ** IMPORTANT ** Please read for compatibility before purchase: According to manufacture testing result, this sdram is suggested to work with the following mother board CHIPSET (However, we do not responsible for the compatibilities. Please consult with your motherboard manual or the manufacture): *VIA KT266/A, *VIA KT-133/A, *VIA KX-133, *SIS 630, *VIA 693/694, *AMD 751 Iron Gate, *VIA Apollo 133A Pro Chipsets, *EXCEPT ASUS K7V. For the motherboards that use the chipsets not listed above, Or Intel 810, 815, 440, AMD 750, 751 or Older Chipset Motherboard. Please purchase (16x8 or 16x4 Configuration)
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