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    Technology, learning, reading, brainy puzzles, hiking and exploring, dogs, cats, drawing, photography, researching anything, and so much more. Mostly nerdy stuff and the outdoors with my dog.
  1. I'm still blown away by this company, after all those years! In a good way, rest assured. I have been a web designer and developer since January 2001. Very early in my career I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Total Choice Hosting. Today, I keep using TCH for my own websites and for all my clients'. I refer anyone who asks me about web hosting to these guys here, and for very good reason. For many good reasons, to be exact. Currently, I am in the process of writing a long article about why exactly websites perform faster and better on the TCH servers, than on the Godaddy and Hostgator servers. And it's got nothing to do with any of the wonderful features, disk space, bandwidth, or whatever else Godaddy and Hostgator boast about. My article is based on a real life experiment that I performed in December of 2016. You will be amazed at what I discovered. But for now, thank whoever referred you to TCH, because you saved yourselves from many potential problems. Do not ever take the TCH family and support people for granted. What they do for you and are willing to do for you, you will nor can NOT find anywhere else. Period. Leontine Vandermeer ps. A link to the article, as soon as it's available, will be posted here in case you are curious. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
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